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Whilst most of the products featured are purchased with my own money, I am lucky enough to be given incredible opportunities to work with various brands which is something that still blows my mind to this day. Occasionally I'm sent products to review, which I will give my honest opinion on. If I don't like the product, I'm not going to pretend to love it just because a brand has sent it to me for free!

Affiliate Links 
On my blog as of April/May 2017 I've now started using affiliate links. Whilst not everything will be, links that can be will and it's something I'd never keep from my readers - plus it's pretty obvious when you click through the link! Obviously everyone's entitled to their own opinion regarding affiliate links but if you do purchase through it I do a little happy dance and that 0.0002p* will lets be real probably go towards even more makeup.

*lol not an accurate figure...but probably pretty close.

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