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Monday, 14 May 2018

Oh hey, it's Samm, aka the girl that likes to take extremely long breaks between posting and then pop back with the occasional "here's where I've been" kinda post. I know, I'm a shit blogger okay. I don't have a great reason as to why I disappeared, it's just been a mix of life, stress, assignments, wisdom teeth surgery, a heck of a lot of migraines, ovary/cervix drama and a big lack of the spark to just sit down and write.

I know it's a shockingly poor excuse, but that's just the way my life seems to goes I guess. Thankfully things have started to calm down and I have some spare time not spent feeling like death, so for the first time yesterday I actually got my (dusty) camera out and took blog pictures so here I am, hi! I think for now I'm going to aim for 1, possibly 2, posts a week until I'm back into the swing of things and what better way to ease myself back into it than by talking about my favourite products - a subject I could honestly rant on about till the end of time!
My skin has become super dehydrated recently which I've put down to be a combination of feeling ill and eating too much of the wrong foods, which I know is something that seems to annoyingly really affect my skin. I've added a few new products to my skincare routine to tackle it, which has been a success thankfully, but the one thing I've found has made the biggest difference to my skin is sheet masks, with the Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Mask being my current go to. I first picked it up a few weeks ago as a "oooh you sound interesting" kind of purchase which I threw in my basket as I was by the tills in Superdrug and lets just say it's been love since first use and I've repurchased it about 4/5 times since.

I like to apply it in the evening and wear it for about 20 minutes which I use as the perfect excuse to go lay down and catch up on podcasts or rewatch Grey's Anatomy for the 900th time this year... I promise one day I'll actually watch something else besides Grey's, maybe. The thing I love most about this mask is that as soon as I take it off there's a visible difference in my skin and you can see it's actually done something other than just sit and be a slimy mess on my face for 20 minutes (like I've found other sheet masks can often do). With this one my skin looks noticeably smoother, super hydrated, glowing and a heck of a lot brighter even the following morning. I've tried a few masks from Skin Republic now and whilst I've liked them all, the Collagen one and the Brightening Vitamin C have to be my favourites. They're currently on 3 for 2 so I've stocked up!
As for makeup, now the warmer weathers here and I'm starting to feel confident in my skin, I've found myself reaching for lighter bases. I like to go for something that helps even out my skin whilst feeling weightless which the Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow is perfect for. It's a tint that comes out a white/greyish colour and adjusts to your skin tone as you blend it in. Less is more with this and you only need a tiny amount, but it really does add a "healthy glow" to the skin. I'll then just go in and spot conceal any areas I need a little more coverage.

Talking of concealer, I can't believe how in love I've fallen with the new Barry M All Night Long Concealer. It's not often that me and drugstore concealers get along, and if you've read my blog for a while you'll know the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is my one true love... but since trying this I haven't reached for anything else! I'd say the coverage is medium, but it's buildable and I just love how natural it looks on the skin, I adore it!

Out of all the various beauty products, bronzers are the one that excite me the least. I don't actually own many, so what I tend to do is just use the same one until I run out and then repurchase or I'll occasionally move onto something new. One that's always been a big hit for me is the Soap and Glory Solar Powder. I've repurchased it a few times now and whilst it's on the higher priced end of the drugstore being £11, I do like it more than bronzers I've tried that are 3x the price. It adds just the right amount of warmth back into my face and works for me both when I have fake tan on and when I don't.

I'm sure by now you've probably heard about the Stila Magnificent Metals at least 600 times, but I can confirm they do deserve the hype they get. It took me a while to cave but I did and I went for Kitten Karma. I've worn it in full glam ~insta~ looks with eyeshadows and lashes (here) which I've loved, but I also love wearing it alone applied with my ring finger to really soften the amount of glitter compared to applying it directly from the applicator. I like to pair it with brown liner and lots of mascara.

Last up we have a product I never thought I'd be mentioning... red lipstick! I think the combination of never finding the right shade for my hair and skin tone plus the fact I've always been more of a pink lip kinda girl has meant it's never been something I've reached for, until now. The Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl is a blue based red that works so well for me, it applies like a dream, survives eating and drinking, and leaves a tint on the lips so when it begins to fade it isn't so obvious. Nars you have converted me to a red lipstick fan!
What are some of your current beauty favourites? Send recommendations my way!

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