Glossier Phase 2 Set Review

Friday, 23 February 2018

Glossier Stretch Concealer and Boy Brow have been sat at the top of my to purchase list for a while now so when I had a voucher last month I decided to finally cave and order them. When I went onto the website I saw that both products were sold in the Phase 2 set along with the Generation G lipstick, so I told myself it was better to go for the set as you save money compared to buying them individually - welcome to the mind of a beauty addict!

January was meant to be a chilled month in term of purchases, but I ended up placing a couple Glossier orders so I guess you could say it was a fail. Instead of doing one big haul, I thought I'd break it down a little and as this set comes all together, it's first up for review but spoiler alert: the following post does not contain me raving about Glossier products, in fact it couldn't be more the opposite. Yep, you did in fact read that correctly.

Truthfully this post does break my heart a little bit to write because you know when you have it in your head a product's going to work a certain way and then you finally try it and it's nothing like you thought it was going to be and you want to low-key cry millennial pink tears? Well that's me with these products and I am a little gutted.

BOY BROW IN BLONDE - First up we have Boy Brow which was the product I was most excited to try because I've heard so many great things about it. Benefit Gimme Brow has always been my favourite brow gel, but as it's not being sold at the moment (I mis you my precious) I was hoping this would compare, or even be better but nope. It's not a bad product, but it's just not as great as I was hoping which breaks my heart even more.

I have really thin brows with patches of hair missing thanks to alopecia, so my brows are the one thing that take me the longest to do every morning - it's more of an art that's taken years to master. I do like the brush size on this, I just don't like how much product comes out on the wand. I know I can simply wipe the excess onto the tube, which I do, but I prefer to be able to pull it straight out and apply it without having to remove 90% of the product from the wand. As for the actual product, it's not the best and I don't find it holds my brow hairs for long.

Perhaps if you have long, full brow like a lot of the Glossier models do - I fell for the marketing thinking I would suddenly have their brows the moment I applied this - then you'd probably get on with it a lot more. I'll continue to use it as it's not a terrible product, but I don't love it enough to repurchase when I'm out of it.

STRETCH CONCEALER IN LIGHT - As someone with dark circles and acne scarring I rely on concealer to help me look a little more human. I went for the lightest shade in this, but as my swatch shows it certainly isn't what I class 'light', and being a MAC NW15 I can just about get away with it. Poor shading aside, I just can't get past how greasy and sticky it feels. I thought perhaps once applied it would settle but it didn't and it felt like the second I stepped out into the wind every hair on my head would adhere to my face and it would be a meme worthy disaster.

Even after setting it with powder I still feel the tacky feeling slightly remains, and having to add powder is getting rid of the whole "skin like" feel it's meant to give. As for coverage it's light, not enough for anyone that's had under a solid 75 hours sleep. For something so light in coverage, it really emphasises texture and every pore around my nose (pores I didn't even know existed!) and I don't like how it sits on my skin. After about 3 hours it starts to fade and after 5 it's practically completely disappeared. WHY... I really wanted to love you but I just can't.

GENERATION G IN CRUSH - Did you think this post was going to twist and I'd end up loving the last product? You was wrong. I originally ordered the shade 'Like' but I received 'Crush' which I didn't mind too much as I'd considered it anyway. Crush is a sheer matte raspberry tint, and let's just say it takes the term 'sheer' to the extreme. It takes an almost ridiculous amount of layers to get any visible colour pay off, and when you do it starts to fade after about 30 minutes meaning it requires A LOT of top ups.

The smell is also something I also can't get past, it's strong and very plastic like. After a week of use, the bullet fell out and no matter how hard I try, it never seems to stay in. I love the whole idea of the Generation G lipsticks and they could have been so good but they just didn't pull it off with this one, perhaps other shades are better.

As you can tell this set was clearly a big fail for me even though I really wanted to love it. Thankfully the other items I ordered I've really liked so I'm a tiny bit less disappointed and there will be a dedicated post to them soon!

Have you tried much from Glossier, if so what's your opinion?

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