5 Tips For Dealing With A Bad Skin Day

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Bad skin days, we've all had them. You wake up on the one day you were relying on your skin to look good but nope, you've been blessed with 3 giant spots on your chin that have no plan of leaving anytime soon. No matter how much you try, nothing seems to be sitting right on your skin and you get to the point you just want to sob into your makeup bag for the rest of the day (is that only me?). It can really knock your confidence, so today I thought I'd share some makeup tips that help make a bad skin day that little more bearable.

> Go a little lighter with the coverage
When you've got something you want to cover you might automatically dig out the most full coverage foundation in your stash but that isn't always the way. For me full coverage is full commitment, it's easy to go wrong and cake face can easily occur so if my skins already suffering I don't want to be worrying about that too. I like to go for a light-medium foundation that I know works well on my skin, then I'll go in with a full coverage concealer only on the areas I need it the most so my skin still looks like skin but my problem areas are covered.

> Work in thin layers
Like the above tip, working in layers is going to give you control over how much product you're applying and the coverage you're getting. This is my absolute number one tip that I can't stress enough, it's always easier too add more product than to take away what's already down without having to wash it all off and start again.

> Wear makeup that makes you feel comfortable
If you have a red lipstick that makes you feel great then rock it. If something like a little bit of mascara and some lip balm is more your style then go for it! If you're already worried about an area of your skin you don't want to be worrying about other areas of your face too so it might not be the best time to try a new product out. Go for products you know work well for you and that make you feel good.

> Focus on the glow, but avoid skin texture
A pop of highlighter can really bring some life back into your skin. I don't mean tin man level highlighter (unless that's your style then you do you, obvs) but just a subtle soft glow will give you that healthy 'I did actually sleep last night, I drink a lot of water and I eat kale' look. If skin texture's your issue then go for a highlighter that's finely milled and doesn't contain chunks of glitter as they can really emphasise any texture. The one I always seem to go back to is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Pearl. It's ridiculously expensive and hurts me a little just knowing how much I paid for a damn highlighter but the formula of this is like nothing else. I've never had any issues with it emphasising texture, it just leaves me looking healthy and glowy.

> Spray like your life depends on it
Facial sprays are like little bottles of pure magic and I could never be without them. Whether it's before makeup to hydrate the skin, during foundation application to help it blend a little easier, or even afterwards to help all the products blend into each other and get rid of that overly powdered look you can get. I carry a little bottle in my bag at all times for any top ups on the go, and if I had to pick a favourite it would hands down be MAC Fix+.
Are bad skin days something you have to battle, if so what are some of your tips?


  1. Great advice!
    "tin-man level highlighter....LOL


  2. For me it is all about going for a lighter coverage on the bad skin days. Less is definitely more when it is going through a rough spell!

    Danielle xx

  3. And I think a tinted lip balm helps! I love to use a face mist between each step of my skincare routine.