Let's Have a Little Catch Up

Monday, 11 December 2017

So it's Monday, the weather is absolutely horrid but I'm finally home from the wind and the rain rocking the comfiest dressing gown E V E R from M&S and drinking a giant hot chocolate so life is great right now - minus the crazy hair. Before I get caught up watching Jane the Virgin and probably having a much needed nap, I thought I'd open up my laptop and say hello to my blog before it's 2022 and my keyboards all old and dusty.

It's somehow been just over 2 months since I last hit publish on a post and I never realised it had actually been that long. My hiatus was never originally meant to be that long - in fact it wasn't meant to even occur in the first place - but here we are and I felt like easing myself back into it with an update post would be the best idea.

October was a pretty busy month for me, then towards the end of the month I went into UCLH for a few days autonomic testing. It was super last minute and I didn't have much warning so you can image it was pretty hectic trying to work everything out. The date soon came around and it was a tough week, I managed to hit my lowest ever blood pressure of 62/29 so I ended up spending most my time flat out in bed but I'm glad it's over.

Once I came home from London I was hit with a solid 2 weeks of migraines from hell. When they hit I couldn't stand up, I couldn't see properly, I was being sick and I just felt so rough. I spent most the time in bed which was an absolute pain but I guess that's the reality of living with a chronic illness. I did however get my results and I've officially been diagnosed with PoTS! Whilst it's not exactly a great thing to have, I'm glad I have a name to say instead of having to explain "oh I have low blood pressure which makes me pass out" all the time.

November was also a tough month as a very close family member became ill and ended up in hospital which was really hard to see. Those two months were spent with so much going on in my mind that my inspiration hit an all time low. When I was feeling well enough to get out of bed, taking pictures of makeup was the last thing on my mind and I really hate saying that as blogging is such a big love of mine.

Thankfully December has been a much more positive month so far and I'm feeling the most festive I think I've ever felt. Whilst my Christmas shopping is still not complete *gaaaasps*, my spark for writing has thankfully returned and there's currently 36 posts sat in my draft folder that are all complete/almost complete so it's safe to say I can't freakin stop writing and it feels good to be back posting. Hope you're all doing fab!

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  1. It sounds like you have really had a couple hard and busy months recently, luckily you have Christmas and the New Year to look forward too!

    Danielle xx