My Current Holy Grail Skincare Saviours

Monday, 23 January 2017

My skin has been in full blown meltdown mode recently and I think it's been the combination of being ill plus the excessive amount of chocolate and fizzy drinks I consumed over the festive period that's left my skin incredibly angry with me. I've never had perfect skin, I suffered from acne as a teen and whilst my skins a lot clearer now, I still do have to battle the occasional breakout. My skins always been sensitive towards certain foods (especially dairy *sobs*) so as well as getting back into eating healthier and drinking plenty of water I've also been relying on some of my favourite blemish busting products to bring my skin back to life.

Pixi Glow Tonic

Starting off with a classic, Glow Tonic has been around for what feels like forever. I remember back in the days when you could only get it by calling or emailing the store, but as the hypes grown it's become a much more accessible product and I actually picked it up in my local Marks & Spencers (side note: how good is the M&S beauty section now!). Glow Tonic's a toner that contains glycolic acid which exfoliates the skin removing the outer layer of dead skin cells leaving behind 'glowing' skin. I use this every other evening as I have fairly sensitive skin so I don't want to overdo it and that works best for me. It's really helped fade my acne scarring leaving my skin feeling soft without drying it out. I can confirm that this is well worth the hype.

MAC Complete Comfort Creme

I don't know why but for some reason I've always felt sceptical towards makeup brands selling skincare. Don't get me wrong I love MAC with all my heart, I would even go as far as to say they're my favourite brand, but over all the years I've only actually tried a couple of their skincare products. When I was having a little MAC splurge last year I decided to give this a try as I'd heard it was great for calming redness. I have rosacea quite severely on my face so I'm always on the look out for calming products and I can say this moisturiser has become an absolute staple. I use it both morning and night and it makes my skin feel so smooth, it really does help calm the redness and it hydrates my skin making it the perfect base under makeup.

GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment 

This mask came as part of a GlamGlow set I got last year and whilst I've loved all four of the masks it contained, this one has been my absolute favourite. It works as a great mask leaving my skin feeling clean, soft and like the masks actually doing something to my skin without leaving it feeling dry and flaky. As well as a mask, it also doubles up as a spot treatment so you can take a little bit, pop it over the blemish and leave it overnight to work it's magic. I've noticed it really does help calm and clear any blemishes, reducing the size and redness without drying it out. It's so handy to have a mask that also doubles up as a spot treatment.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

If there's one skincare product I couldn't be without it would be this. If I'm at home with no makeup on you can guarantee I'll be walking round with this on my blemishes looking like I'm ready to hit the VS runway. I have Kylie Jenner to thank for the discovery of this little gem when she featured it on her Snapchat so I obviously had to check it out for myself. It really does work magic, you simply take a cotton bud and dip it into the the pink sediment that sits on the bottom and then dot it onto the blemish. Never shake it, it does look like it's separated but that's how it's meant to be. It helps to calm and clear the blemish without being super drying or irritating the skin, I love it!

So those are some of my current skincare saviours! Let me know what your favourites are below!


Samm xo

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  1. I love Glow Tonic too, their Glow Mud Cleanser is also amazing and a really nice morning cleanse for me! Just got the Drying Lotion before Christmas and it's amazing! So gentle, dies spots down quickly and doesn't make my skin flaky!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  2. The Pixi Glow tonic is so good; it's really helped with any old blemish marks I had. It's definitely become a holy grail product for me!

    I also really need to try the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion; I've not heard anything bad about it.

  3. Oh girl, I know the feeling! That was like reading a literal description of my own skin, the struggle seriously!! I have to agree with you on most of these products, Glow Tonic and the drying lotion are both holy grail products for me as well. I must try that Glam Glow product though! xx

    Chantalle |

  4. I've got the Glow Mud Cleanser and I really love that too, I've repurchased it a couple of times now! Drying Lotion is an absolute holy grail! xo

  5. Glow Tonic is an absolute holy grail for me too! xo

  6. The struggle is real!! Glow Tonic and Drying Lotion are serious holy grails for me! xo