My Honest Experience With Lip Fillers

Friday, 21 October 2016

Lip fillers are fairly controversial when it comes to the beauty world. Ever since the whole big lip trend came around it's become a lot more known to the world which has lead to a lot of mixed views. I personally have always believed that if a person wants to alter something on their body and it doesn't harm them then go for it, understandably everybody has a different opinion but that's always been my way of seeing it. A few months ago I took the plunge and got lip fillers myself and today I thought I'd share my honest opinion on my experience for anyone considering it, or just for anybody that wants to know more about it.

When it comes to my lips, my top lip has always been an issue for me. Coming from a family with practically non existent top lips meant that fillers become something I've considered for many years. I know it sounds like something so minor but my top lip has always been the part of my face I disliked the most, and I spent years over drawing them trying to look like I actually have lips. I must admit it did become more of an issue for me when I began blogging and sharing makeup pictures on Instagram as I was constantly looking at my own face, so I thought why the bloody hell not and booked myself in for a consultation.

The consultation went well, I explained all about my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome as I wasn't sure if it would have any effect on the results but it was fine. For anybody wondering, I went to the Grove Clinic which is very local to where I live and I saw the lovely Dr Beata Goldin, she put me so at ease and showed me before and after pictures from previous clients as well as giving me loads of details and I just felt so comfortable in the clinic, it was professional and I felt safe leaving my lips in her hands so I booked in for a few weeks time.


So the day finally came around and I was so SO nervous. I absolutely hate needles so having them in my face wasn't exactly ideal, on my way there I was sat thinking "why the hell am I paying all this money for needles in my lip?" but I calmed myself down with my mum there for support. I went into the room and the numbing cream was applied and left on for a while to really work, then it was time for the needles. I couldn't believe it, I was waiting for a sharp pain but I didn't feel a thing, not at all throughout the whole thing! I was so relieved. I had 1ml of Juvederm in just my top lip but I can't remember what type, she did say it was a longer lasting version and I paid £280. After about 20 minutes in the chair I was ready to go.

When I got home the first few hours were pain free from the numbing cream, but as that wore off I began to feel a slight ache but it was nothing too bad, I also started to swell as well which was expected. About 8 hours after having it done the ache became more of a pain but it was manageable with ice and pain killers, I wouldn't say it was really painful it just felt really uncomfortable. By the evening I was looking more duck than human so I headed to bed expecting to wake up feeling and looking better the following morning.

Oh my god, I was not ready for the reaction I had looking in the mirror the following morning. Have you ever seen that episode of the Kardashians were Kris is on holiday and her top lip was really swollen (Google it!!), well that was me! My family had a real surprise when I walked down the stairs that morning, we all ended up laughing our heads off because I really did look stupid. As for pain, it was worse than the day before, eating was a bit of a task and I had to drink with a straw. I kept ice on it and when I went out I felt like an absolute idiot with my swollen top lip, but that evening both the pain and swelling started to go down.

After (lipstick is Urban Decay Backtalk)

For the next couple of days I would get a dull ache when I smiled or opened my mouth too wide but the swelling went down more and more everyday. On day 6 the swelling got a bit bigger but that evening it went back down. I didn't have any bruising which I was so surprised about, I bruise so easy so I was waiting for it. By day 8 the pain had pretty much gone and the swelling too, I could see how my lips now looked and I was so over the moon with the results. I felt more confident wearing lipstick and I just felt so much better, I didn't realise how much it really would boost my confidence.

I had my lips done back in June so it's been a few months now, they're still looking great and I'm still so glad I got them done. I have noticed it's starting to fade slightly in the outer corner of my lips, but when I say it to anyone they assure me it's not and they're still the same size so I think it's just me getting used to the size. As for getting them done again, I'm already saving! When I had them done I said I wanted to still stay natural, and whilst I still do want natural I would like them a bit bigger. I can't wait to get them done again and it's money I'll happily hand over for the the confidence it gives me.

If you're considering it then I'd say absolutely go for it as long as you find the right professional to do it. Whilst there is a few days of aching afterwards it's not too bad, but be ready for the fact you might have swelling. Hopefully this post is helpful to somebody out there as I spent a good few months reading other peoples experiences before booking. It's something I'm willing to keep up with now once it starts to fade... it won't be long till the wrinkles kick in and I'll be there for botox too! Oh god the addiction is real.

Samm xo

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  1. They look amazing! My sister always thought her top lip was non-existent so she got lip fillers too and now she can't believe she never got it done sooner as they just look so natural. I think when you first think about lip fillers you do immediately think The Only Way Is Essex and Pete Burns but when they are done right they look so natural. So natural in fact that our mum hasn't even noticed! x
    Louise |

  2. Wow, they look so good!! I have the same issue with my top lip and always have to overline. Glad yours turned out well ^.^