5 Binge Worthy TV Shows Worth The Watch

Saturday, 10 September 2016

There's nothing better than getting home, putting your pyjamas on and camping on the sofa for a Netflix session - that's pretty much how my days end, I know it's a wild life I live. I love finding new shows to watch, and I admit that I get way too hooked on TV shows leaving me feeling as if I'm actually in the show, trying to close my laptop at night and actually sleep is becoming a real struggle... "just one more episode, oh look it's 2am... oops". Today I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you, warning: you may become hooked.

1. Pretty Little Liars
For non PLL watchers, the weekly timeline full of tweets about the latest episode probably gets pretty boring real quick, but for those of us that do watch it, Wednesdays become the best day of the week (or Tuesday if you're lucky enough to be in America) when you can open up Netflix and catch the crazy things A (or should I say A.D) has been up to over in Rosewood. I love everything about PLL, especially the cast as I just feel like they work so well together. It has the perfect amount of creepiness whilst still being girly and so damn addictive.

2. Scream
Out of all these shows, Scream is the creepiest that leaves me hidden under my duvet at some stages, but once you start you can't stop until you find out who's behind the mask. It's based on the film Scream (does the name give that away?) but I find the series a lot better than the movie, it's more up to date and I just love the whole vibe of the show. Although it leaves me creeped out at stages, it's so worth the watch. Noah is my secret crush and there's something about his geeky side that really draws me to him, damn me and my tv show crushes.

3. iZombie
Before Netflix suggested this to me to watch, I don't think I've ever heard anyone talk about iZombie so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I fast became hooked about 5 minutes into the first episode. This show focuses around a medical resident that gets turned into a zombie at a party and to do good from a pretty shit situation she helps solve murders by eating the victims brains which gives her visions of what happened to them - phew, that was a sentence and a half. There's currently two seasons which I've watched so I can't wait for a third, I need some more Major Lilywhite in my life *heart eyed emoji x100*

4. Grey's Anatomy
Oh Grey's Anatomy, why do you have to mess with my emotions so much leaving me not knowing whether my favourite characters going to be killed off in some horrific way in the next episode (O'Malley, you'll always hold a special place in my heart). For somebody who spends way too much time in hospitals you'd think I'd opt for something less hospital like, but there's something about Grey's Anatomy that has me hocked and leaving me feeling like I'm ready to perform open heart surgery or win myself a Harper Avery.

5. Gossip Girl
So I have a confession, it's not something I'm proud of, don't hate me, okay... I only started watching Gossip Girl this year. I know, I've sinned and I'm about 8 years too late to the hype train but I've finally caught the Gossip Girl addiction. Being based in my favourite city New York, I get so caught up in everything about this show and I can't wait to find out the latest drama going on in the Upper East Side. I love how glam this show is and lets be real, who doesn't want the bank balance these guys have with the biggest stress being whether you're wearing last seasons Chanel boots or which mask you'll wear to the masquerade ball.

So those are my top picks, what are some of your favourite shows?

I'm always on the look out for new ones!




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  1. I love gossip girl! My top picks at the moment would have to be Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls and of course One Tree Hill!! Ps. I LOVE your bedding!

    EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin | ColourPop GIVEAWAY

  2. I need more haha! I love watching tv, haven't watched iZombie yet but sounds interesting!
    Kathy x

  3. I love a good tv binge watch! Netflix has been a lifesaver for helping me find new favourites - although I'm desperate to watch Grey's Anatomy and it's not available on there. I've gotten bored of PLL but I once knew that excited Wednesday feeling!

    I'm pretty obsessed when it comes to Teen US Drama's so as you can imagine Gossip Girl is one of those series for me, my top two choices will always be One Tree Hill & Gilmore Girls, I'll watch these series on repeat & never get bored!

    Sarah xo // seethestars.co.uk

  4. I have to try watching Pretty Little Liars again. I tried it before and just couldn't get into it. But now all my friends are raving about it!
    The US Office is my top choice!

    Danielle xx

  5. Gossip Girl is so good! I've heard lots about One Tree Hill, that's next on the list! And thank you, it's from Primark. xo

  6. I watch Grey's Anatomy on Now TV, and that's a shame about PLL, I went through a stage like that in season 6 after the A reveal but I soon got back into it. American teen drama's are my favourites! xo

  7. It's really good, season 7 has been one of my favourites! I've heard so much about The Office so it's about time I start watching it! xo

  8. I've watched all of these except for iZombie and they're all so binge watch worth, for sure! If you can get past the corny-ness of the first season or two, One Tree Hill is actually so fun to just marathon watch, oh and Prison Break is amazing too!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  9. I love izombie. It is not spoke about enough!

    Jess // www.beautelieswithin.blogspot.com