My Skin Saviour: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Skincare is one of my favourite aspects of the beauty world, I love trying new products from various brands on my quest for perfect skin. One of the products that I've fallen head over heels for since introducing it into my skincare routine is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and today I wanted to rave about it with you all (spoiler: you'll probably want to buy this by the end of the post).

Estee Lauder are a brand that I've tried a fair few makeup items from and really love - especially the Double Wear Concealer which I'm going to share a post about soon, it sits firmly on the number one spot for undereye concealers! As for their skincare, this is the first product I've tried from them after having this serum sat on my wishlist for a good couple of years so I was glad to finally make it mine.

The thing that put me off purchasing this for a while was the price, as much as I love skincare I've spent £60+ on serums and treatments before that now sit in the corner of my skincare shelf unused because they were shit *cough YSL cough* and I'm too tight to bin them. When I received a sample of the Advanced Night Repair in an order I was so glad to finally have my hands on it and that was the moment I feel in love with a face serum.

The biggest change I've noticed from using this serum is in the texture of my skin. Having suffered acne as a teenager (and still the occasional break out now!) I'm left with scarring and large pores around my nose which have really improved with this. The areas of redness I have from scarring have faded so well and it's certainly gave me a boost in confidence as the scarring has always been something thats bothered me.

Having combination skin I find it's the perfect balance between hydrating my dry areas without being too oily on my oilier areas. Being someone with incredibly sensitive skin this hasn't irritated my skin - thank you jesus- or made me break out like new skincare products can do. I like to apply this after cleansing and toning just before my moisturiser both morning and night and I can say it sits perfectly under makeup, I've also found my makeup pictures better when I've worn this. The packaging is lovely, it feels really luxurious which you'd expect for the price! The bottle looks really nice and rather fancy on my skincare shelf so it gets my visual seal of approval.

The product comes with a handy dropper which makes it easy to dispense whilst being hygienic as the dropper doesn't have contact with skin. I find you only need a small amount of this which I simply tap into my skin before moisturiser. It comes in 3 different sizes - 30ml which I have is £50, 50ml is £70 and 75ml comes in a a purse damaging £85. Whilst it's expensive I just can't resist this incredible product and it's certainly a staple for me now.

So have I managed to sell this to you yet? It's not often I find a product that wows me as much as this has so it really must work miracles to be featured in its own post.

Have you tried Advanced Night Repair before?




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  1. Eee this sounds so lovely, I have combination skin too and i've only just developed a love of oils and serums! x

  2. It's such a lovely product, I love trying different oils and serums so my collection has become a bit extreme... all on the journey to better skin! xo

  3. I used to absolutely love this, and think it's just become forgotten about as I've had so much else to try! Will have to go back and pick up another bottle, the eye cream was really nice too as I remember!

    www.Barely There | British Beauty & Lifestyle blog


  4. I really need to try this. Heard so many positive things. Love your blog btw x

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  5. This is a classic holy grail product.

  6. This is my number one must have product! I just can't be without it xx