Beauty Haul: Birthday Edition

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Hello blog, it's been a while (again). The day after my last post went up explaining why I'd been a bit absent in the blogging world recently, things took a turn for the worst pretty fast and I was taken back into hospital. To be honest a lot of that day is a blur to me, but what I do remember was being in the worst pain I've ever felt in my life (I'm not even exaggerating) and having seizure after seizure. When I finally fully "woke up" it was the following day and I'd been moved up to a ward. I was in for about a week after that seeing various different doctors and going through various different tests. Turns out it's the pressure in my brain again but it's a long complicated story on how they're going to treat it due to my other illnesses that I won't bore you all with!

I'm still not back to normal. Some days are more bearable, others the pain is just so bad, like today I've been stuck on the sofa with a hot water bottle feeling rather sorry for myself. I haven't physically been able to leave the house for a good couple of weeks which is so strange! I actually started writing this post on Tuesday, it's now Sunday as this goes live as I can only write little bits at a time with my brain how it is, but it's hard because I just want to get back to living my normal life. I guess it's going to get better as time goes on, but at the moment it's just a bit blurgh.

On a more positive note, on February 10th I turned 20 - yep I'm officially no longer a teen and I refuse to accept that fact. I actually spent my birthday in hospital, which wasn't exactly how I'd imagined I'd be spending it! My family did actually make the day really nice, they all came up to visit me and bought me cards and balloons, the nurses on the ward even got me a birthday cake. Although I may have been stuck in a bed looking ever so glamorous with zero makeup on and hair that had practically started to dreadlock itself, everyone really did help to make it a special day.

When I got home a few days after my birthday I had presents waiting for me and I honestly felt more excited than a child on Christmas morning! Besides the crazy amount of makeup I received *heart eyed emoji*, my main present from my mum was actually money which I put towards buying my Louis Vuitton Emilie Wallet, something that I've been saving up to buy for a while now. I'd originally planned on going into London to buy it, but due to being in hospital I just ordered it online... oh how the guilt was real! It's one of the biggest purchases I've made but it's such a beautiful purse, I'm in love. Oh dear. Anyway on to the makeup...

Starting with the face/eyes/lips section. The first thing I got was a new bottle of MAC Fix+, which honestly you never realise how much you actually need this product in your life until you run out of it! I won't ramble on about all the reasons why I love this as I'm sure you've heard them all million times, but lets just say holy grail, must have, can't be without. I also got the new Bourjois City Radiance Foundation which I've used a couple of times now and I've really been liking it so far. It provides a light to medium buildable coverage that feels really light on the skin. Bourjois are by far my favourite drugstore brand for foundations, expect a full review soon!

Continuing on with base products, I also got two of the NYX HD Concealers in 'light' and 'green'. Now for those unaware of colour correcting you're probably wondering why the hell did I get a green concealer, well green is opposite red on the colour wheel so using a green concealer will help to cancel out redness in the skin which is great if you have acne scarring like myself. I also got the light colour which I thought would be the right shade to use as an all over concealer however it's far too orange on me but it makes the perfect undereye corrector. So far I absolutely loving these, the formula is perfect! I also got a new Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara which was perfect timing as mine had just run out, you probably all know my love for this mascara already.

Now would it really be a haul of mine without mentioning at least one lipstick? Of course not. Up first is the Benefit Posiebalm. The Benefit balms are one of my favourite lip products and I've spoken about my love for the two I already own (Benebalm and Lollibalm) numerous times before so I'm glad to have this in my collection now! The other lip product I got was from my sister who knows how much of a lipstick addict hoarder I am! She got me the Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Tulle, aka the perfect Samm colour. Bobbi Brown are actually a brand that I've not really tried much from before so this is probably the start of a new addiction!

Now onto eye shadows, the one product I seem to have got most of this year - everyone must know how much of an eyeshadow crazy lady I am! Although I already own way too many palettes and single shadows than any one human needs, there's just too many pretty shades that I need to own! makeup > life.

One of the presents I couldn't wait to get my hands on was my new Makeup Geek shadows, my mum let me choose the shades so I was even more excited knowing they're all colours I've wanted for a while! I'd already owned and fallen in love with 3 of the foiled shadows, top row: In The Spotlight, Grandstand, Flame Thrower, so I decided to try some of the regular shadows. The shades I went for are middle row: Creme Brulee, Prom Night, Drama Queen and bottom row: Cocoa Bear, Bitten, Cherry Cola. Honestly just the sight of a completed Z palette really soothes my makeup loving soul.

I also got a couple of the NYX Prismatic Shadows in the shades Golden Peach and Mermaid - let's just take a second to appreciate how beautiful they are, especially Mermaid! Anything shimmery/sparkley/glittery literally wins my heart over and I can't wait to have a play around with these when I'm feeling better!

The last shadow I got (as if I needed more) was from Make Up For Ever. I've had my eye on the Artist Shadows for a while now since falling in love with them and regretting not buying some back at the IMATS last year. When I was having a look on the Debenhams website I decided it was finally time to cave in and buy one with my birthday money. I went for the shade M846 Morello Cherry which is such a beautiful burgundy red that I can't wait to wear, I've been looking for a colour similar to this for a while now. I also bought the palette to store the shadow in... this obviously means I need to buy two more shadows to complete the palette now!

So that's all the new beauty items I was lucky enough to receive for my birthday. Being ill and too unwell to even think about wearing makeup is killing me, with all these new products I just want to play around with them and create makeup looks! Of course once I've given them all a try I'll get round to letting you all know how I've got on with them.

Hope you're all doing well!



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  1. Those NYX eyeshadows look amazing - I definitely wanna get some!! Lovely post and I hope you get better soon :)

    Kathy xx

  2. Happy belated birthday and I hope you're feeling better soon! I love Makeup Geek eyeshadows, I have one space left in my small Z palette for Latte which seems to be permanently out of stock! Love the NYX HD concealer, I have the shade 02 and it's perfect for covering blemishes!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  3. I'm glad you still managed to have a good birthday, and I hope you're feeling better! You got some really gorgeous things, I've been meaning to try posiebalm for a while now! x

  4. I've been seeing MAC's Prep and Prime everywhere. I need to try it!!

    Mel |