My Barry M Nail Polish Collection + Swatches

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Nail polish is hands down one of my favourite beauty products, you'll rarely catch me without my nails painted some kind of colour. Before I got into makeup, I was into nail art and that's where my love for beauty began. I always had my nails decorated with patterns, designs and usually covered in a whole lot of gems. I also loved doing it for friends and family and then I went on to do a nail course at college. I got to learn even more tips and techniques from nail art to gel and acrylic extensions - I loved it!

Over the years I've gathered quit the collection of nail polish. On my bedroom wall sits shelves with 130+ different bottles - my mum and sister like to call it 'the nail salon'. I've tried various different brands from more affordable options right up to the crazily priced Christian Louboutin polishes. One brand that I've always stuck to and kept in my collection over the years is Barry M, whenever I see a new release I just can't help myself!

The thing I love about Barry M is that I know I can trust them for quality yet affordable polishes, hence why I own so many of them! They range from £2.99 up to £4.99 which is so affordable compared to other options on the market. Another thing I love about them is the fact they have so many different colours and finishes to offer such as mattes, glitters, metallics etc. Being the nail polish addict I am can make any trip past a Barry M counter deadly, I normally walk away with a new shade (or two five).

The Classics

Left to right: Matt White (an opaque white), Cappuccino (a mauvey taupe, one of my faves), Berry Cosmo (a deep berry purple, another one of my faves), Raspberry (a berry red), Berry Ice Cream (a really pretty lilac), Mint Green (the name gives this one away), Cobalt Blue (a bright electric blue).

Speedy Quick Dry/ Effects

Left to right: Eat My Dust (a pastel blue), Speed Demon (baby pink with glitter aka my type of colour!), Lap of Honour (a greyish mauve), Foil Effect Silver (a metallic silver), Pacific (duochrome metallic blue), Ridley Road (a sand like textured mint), B (limited edition, has no actual name but is a bright lime green).

Gelly Hi Shines

Left to right: Sugar Apple (pastel blue), Greenberry (a turquoise, my summer time favourite!), Prickly Pear (a lavender),Blue Grape (a bright 'in your face' cobalt blue), Blackberry (a royal blue).

Gelly Hi Shines

Left to right: Lyche (beige nude, really easy to wear), Rose Hip (a light baby pink), Dragon Fruit (a barbie pink aka perfection), Pink Punch (a hot pink), Grapefruit (a bright pinky coral), Passion Fruit (a bright coral red).


Left to right: Diamond Glitter (a holographic silver glitter), Masquerade (a beautiful purple, pink, blue and gold glitter), B (limited edition so it has no name, it's a red blue and green glitter), Fashion Icon (purple with holographic glitter), Magenta Glitter (pinky purple glitter), Pink Sapphire Glitter (pink and silver glitter), Superdrug 50th Birthday (a pink, white and purple glitter with a pink shimmer base), Socialite (a bright pink with holographic glitter).

Out of all the colours I own, I do have some really stand out holy grail ones that I've repurchased numerous times. These are Cappuccino (probably my all time favourite), Berry Cosmo, Greenberry, Grapefruit, Diamond Glitter and Masquerade. I just can't fault Barry M, and I've never come across one that I haven't liked which is very rare for me!

Do you like Barry M? If so what's your favourite polish?



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  1. I'm so envious of your collection, you have so many pretty shades!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  2. Oh wow the Barry M nail polishes looks gorgeous!! Really wish we had them over here in SA

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. wow you have an impressive collection! I love Barry m nail varnishes x

  4. Thank you, it's an addiction! xo

  5. I love them, it's a shame you can't get them! xo