Tanya Burr Candy Glam Beauty Essentials Palette

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Tanya Burr Candy Glam Beauty Essentials Palette

Tanya Burr is someone that I've admired over the years, and I've loved seeing her journey to where she is now through her videos and blog posts. There's very few YouTubers I've fully followed and continued to watch over the years, but Tanya is one - I think it's her bubbly yet down to earth personality that draws me in, she's adorable!

Now when it comes to YouTubers releasing beauty products, it can be a fairly controversial subject. I'll be honest, I haven't tried many products from them in the past because I just feel like they're aimed at the younger audience and tend not to be my type of product, but I fully support the idea and the fact they're branching out into business is great - YouTube isn't going to be around forever! *sobs*

Tanya Burr Candy Glam Beauty Essentials Palette

When I saw this palette in Superdrug, it really caught my eye and those beautiful shimmers practically screamed "buy me, buy me, buy me" as I walked past it (#makeupaddictproblems). When it comes to Tanya's range, I trust that the products she releases are of a good quality with her experience in the makeup industry, so I was looking forward to giving this a try. This palette is for Tanya's Christmas collection, and I think she chose such a beautiful range of colours. They're perfect for the holiday season with a nice mix of colour combinations to create different looks.

Tanya Burr Candy Glam Beauty Essentials Palette

As for the packaging, it's going to be hit or miss. I happen to love it because anything pink and glittery is going to increase the chance of me buying it by a solid 80%. It's housed in cardboard, which is normally something that puts me off a product but this feels well made. It comes with a little heart shaped mirror inside (so freakin adorable!), so it's super handy especially if you're travelling over the festive season.

Now for the actual products... I'm so impressed! You're paying £12 (£10 on offer when I bought it) for 9 eye shadows, a lip gloss, a blush and a bronzer so it's obviously not going to be MAC quality, but it's better than I'd expected. The shadows are pigmented, soft, easy to blend and have little to no fall out- bonus! The shadows also have the beautiful star print on and it broke my heart to ruin them, it was almost too cute to use!

Tanya Burr Candy Glam Beauty Essentials Palette

Another thing I love about this palette is the fact she's given each product a name - serious bonus points to Tanya! I think it adds some of Tanya's personality into it, and there's nothing more anoying than someone asking "what eyeshadow are you wearing?" and replying with "I have no idea, it's in the top left corner of the ....... palette".

Snowflake- A super pretty shimmery satin white, perfect inner corner and brow bone highlight.

Chandelier- A dark grey with blue shimmers, really nice for a smokey eye.

Plumberry- A dark berry red, reminds me a lot of Cranberry by MAC (one of my all time favourite shadows).

Creme Brulee- A metallic copper, I love using this all over my lid with a little bit of Baking Brownies in the crease, such an easy wearable combo.

Date Night in Paris- One of my favourites, a deep matte burgundy brown - basically my ideal colour!

Ballet Slippers- A light cream with subtle shimmer, great for blending out shadows.

Baking Brownies- A dark matte brown, ideal for adding some depth through the crease and even lower lash line to create a smokey look.

Teddy Bear- A medium matte brown, perfect for in the crease as it isn't too dark.

Starry Night- A metallic taupe, looks beautiful all over the lid and has brilliant pigmentation.

Tanya Burr Candy Glam Beauty Essentials Palette

Pretty Peony- This coral pink is just my type of blush! It's such a beautiful glowy colour that's really easy to wear. It isn't too overly pigmented so it's easy to apply without going overboard but can be built up for a more intense colour pay off.

Beach Bronze- I'd say approach this bronzer with caution, it is very pigmented and you only need a light hand to pick up enough colour - I did have stripes down my face upon first application! When used with a light hand (learn from my mistake), it applies and blends into the skin well. It's more on the warm side but without being too orange nor brown and isn't shimmery (praise the lord, shimmery bronzers are a big no go for me!).

Daydream Lipgloss- Now this lipgloss was the product that I really wasn't that fussed about as glosses just aren't my thing. It's a sheer shimmery champagne peach that isn't sticky and feels comfortable to wear, but as I'm not much of a lipgloss lover I'm going to give this to my sister as I'm sure she'll get more use out of it than me.

Tanya Burr Candy Glam Beauty Essentials Palette
Top row left to right: Snowflake, Chandelier, Plumberry, Creme Brulee, Date Night in Paris, Ballet Slippers
Bottom row: Baking Brownies, Teddy Bear, Starry Night, Daydream, Pretty Peony, Beach Bronze

Overall, I'm really surprised by this palette and I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I do! I think it's such a bargain and would make such a lovely Christmas gift. This palette seems to be out of stock online, but if you can find it in a local Superdrug I thinks it's worth picking up!

Have you tried any Tanya Burr products?


  1. I felt the same about Youtuber products! I love her lipglosses though, this looks lovely too x


  2. this looks so so pretty!

  3. This looks really nice, all the shades a petty and look quite pigmented too x

    Zoe Mountford x

  4. This looks so nice!! The eyeshadows shades look gorgeous :) I really must get my hands on some of her new products!

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird / Win a MAC lipstick on my blog!

  5. I tried one from her old range which I liked, I love the look of the new packaging on the lip glosses! xo

  6. They're a nice range of colours xo

  7. It's a lovely palette, it's worth picking up! xo

  8. This palette looks gorgeous! I hope I can find it in the US!


  9. I really like all the shades in this palette, I just wish it was a little smaller for travelling. Regardless, it still looks gorgeous. Love the names too, she's done a fab job with this range. x

    Megan | http://www.meganjean.co.uk