My Month in Photos | October 2015

Monday, 2 November 2015

1 // I found a Stila counter in my local M&S, goodbye money! 2 // A flatlay of the makeup look I've been wearing loads throughout October 3 // Halle looking super cute 4 // One of my Halloween makeup looks, I loved how creepy this one turned out! 5 // 400 Bloglovin followers... thank you! 6 // Orly Steal The Spotlight, my current fave nail polish 7 // My Halloween ghost brownies, this was the second attempt (the first was an absolute fail) 8 // My sister and I at Screamland 9 // Screamland

Welcome to the post where I sit and chat about my month, ramble about my life, share some photos and just sit and type without it being a beauty related post. I still can't believe we're in November, I know I said it in my October Favourites but time has just gone by so fast. October was a really good month, for me. With it being Halloween I've been busy creating some gory Halloween looks, which I'm sure you'd have seen if you follow me on Instagram. I'm gutted Halloween is over! Although I'm ready for the festive season to arrive!

I finished the month in hospital, great one Samm. I went to Screamland on Friday (an amusement park near me, but renamed for Halloween), and stupidly went on a little ride thinking I'd be alright. Well I wasn't, I passed out on the ride, managed to hold up a massive que of people wanting to kill me and had a crowd of people staring at "the dead girl". After I came around we called it a night and I went back home, this is where the fun begins. I started feeling really ill, I remember going into the bathroom and that's the last bit I remember fully. I had 5 seizures in the space of 40 minutes so I got taken into hopsital (in my sexy tracksuit bottoms and a long night shirt and my leather jacket, looking hot af). I've never had more than one seizure at a time, so this was something new to me. They think the ride set the seizures off, so I was monitored over night and then let home the next day. Moral of the story: I really shouldn't go on rides, even if it's one suitable for children.

On a more positive note, I hit 400 Bloglovin followers, yay! I'd set myself a goal of reaching 400 by the end of the year so I'm really happy. I wanted to say a big hello to all my new followers, can you believe I gained over 100 followers in just under a month? What even. It was also Halle's birthday on Halloween (yes she's called Halle because it's short for Halloween), I can't believe she's 8 - it doesn't seem that long since she was just a tiny puppy running round the front room... where is time going?!

I went pescatarian this month (I don't eat meat but I do eat fish). Now I've never been a big meat eater, I'd occasionally eat chicken but I was never overly keen on the taste nor the fact I'm eating something that was once alive. I thought why don't I just fully cut it out of my diet? So far I'm loving being pescatarian, although I can't fully commit to being a vegetarian as fish had always been a big part of my diet and it's my favourite type of food. I'm trying to cut down on my fish intake! Quorn southern fried 'chicken' bites are addictive, they taste so good!

I've also been addicted to watching TV shows this month, now the weathers getting colder it makes it that bit more acceptable to sit in bed binge watching Netflix all night - at least for me anyway! The shows I've been loving most are Scream Queens, American Horror Story Hotel and Scream. Scream Queens has been my fave and the one I recommend watching. It's a fairly new show but I'm already addicted. Emma Roberts is brilliant, and I love the whole storyline and the characters (Chanel #5 is my fave). All I want to know in life is who the hell is behind the that red devil costume.

Hope you've all had a lovely October, and an even lovelier November!



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