My Autumn Everyday Foundation Routine

Monday, 23 November 2015

Unfortunately I'm not one of those people blessed with flawless natural skin, so I have to rely on makeup to make me look somewhat presentable and less zombie like. When it comes to the cooler months, the dry skin loves to come out so I like to switch up my base for a more moisturising option whilst still keeping the medium coverage I like to wear. Today I thought I'd share my Autumn foundation routine as well as a few tips with you.

I love trying new foundations, and I own more than I really need (it's an addiction, I swear). Over the years I've tried my fair share and can honestly say this has been my favourite combination so far. I've actually had a few compliments on my base makeup and been asked what I've been using both in person and online, so I think it's about time I share. I know that I can rely on this combination of products to last me all day without caking or emphasising any dry patches whilst still looking like my own skin and photographing well - praise the makeup lords!


The first thing for me is priming, now the dry skin is out I find it the most important step as it adds that much needed moisture to the skin as well as prolonging the wear of my makeup. Now my current primer choice may seem a little odd, but I'll explain...

Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm

No it's not my boyfriends post shave balm just chilling in the background of this picture for two reasons, 1. I'm single and 2. It's one of the best primers I've ever come across. Now when I saw NikkieTutorials mention this working wonders as a primer in a video a few months ago I totally skipped the idea because I was worried it would irritate my skin or I'd end up smelling like a guy. Boy how I was wrong. I picked this up in Superdrug about a month ago when I saw it on offer next to the till, it was only a couple of pounds so I thought it was no harm if I didn't like it.

The thing that makes this such a great primer is the fact it contains glycerin which helps products to adhere to the skin and keep your foundation in place all day. This works wonders as a primer, it calms and smoothes the skin ready for makeup application as well as keeping my makeup on all day and it even helps control oil.

After applying my skincare products and leaving them for about 30 minutes to sink in, I take a small pea sized amount onto my clean hands and simply apply it all over my face. As you rub it into the skin you feel it become slightly tacky feeling, thats when you know it's ready.


Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
I've always been a big fan of the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation, but when I ran out I decided to finally get around to trying the normal version that's been sat on my desk waiting to be used. I can say this has replaced my love to the serum version, I love this foundation so much! I simply mix equal parts with the Soap and Glory Hocus Focus I mention below on the back of my hand and apply it with my Real Techniques Sculpting Brush, and then go over with my damp Beauty Blender to make sure it's fully blended into my skin. If you have dry skin, I always say opt for a sponge over a brush because a brush can irritate and move the dry patches around creating more texture.

This foundation just looks so natural on the skin whilst still giving a nice amount of medium coverage. When paired with the primer and powder I have no problems with lasting power and it still looks nice after 12 hours wear (very rare for my skin!). The fact it's from the drugstore means it's super affordable and purse friendly, and the brands often on 3 for 2 in Boots or Superdrug which is always a bonus.

Soap and Glory Hocus Focus Illuminator
As I said, I like to mix equal amounts of this with the foundation on the back of my clean hand before applying it. I find by adding this into the foundation it really helps to create such a lovely base. The Hocus Focus really helps to blur and smooth the skin, and I find it works best when mixed into the foundation rather than before, my face is fussy! This is a great alternative to MAC Strobe Cream at a fraction of the price.


MAC Studio Fix Powder

To finish off I'll simply set my face with this MAC powder and the Real Techniques Powder Brush. The thing I love about this powder is that it applies so beautifully, and gives an almost blurred look to the skin. It doesn't cake or emphasise those dreaded dry patches. I couldn't recommend this powder more! If your skin is on the really dry side, I'd say skip powder completely.

Hope you found this post helpful, what's your favourite foundation for this time of the year, or do you stick to the same one all year round?



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