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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Look Fantastic The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar

Today I had one of the most exciting parcels arrive at my door, and as soon as I opened it I quickly took photos so I could share it with you guys asap. I was on the look out for a beauty advent calendar for this year when I saw this one pop up in my emails. I love the advent calendars companies bring out as the festive season approaches, but this one from Look Fantastic was the one that stood out to me the most.

Do you remember when you was a kid and you had your advent calendar just sitting there tempting you to open all the doors and stuff your face with chocolate? Well this is what's happening with this calendar except beauty wise. As much as I love a little chocolate everyday, at my age the thought of a beauty product seems so much more exciting! It took a lot of self control to stop myself from opening one of the doors and having a little peak inside!

One of the things that shocked me about this calendar was the size, I really wasn't expecting it to be the size it is - it's literally huge! When I came downstairs and saw this parcel waiting for me I was confused as to what I'd ordered in a box that big as I'd totally forgot I'd preordered this. In the picture above I've shown it compared to a MAC lipstick to show really how huge it is.

I buy a lot of my hair and beauty products from Look Fantastic and they stock many brands I love so I should hopefully love the products behind the doors. I like that with these calendars you get to try products from brands you may not have tried before, and by trying them you may even find a new holy grail product! Although it does come with a rather large £70 price tag, it does contain over £250 worth of luxurious surprises to help make those cold December mornings that bit better.

As the calendar is a book of beauty secrets, Look Fantastic have been working with brands behind the scenes to provide tips, tricks and secret ingredients to give you the insiders scoop on the info you need for getting the most out of every product. It says on the website that they email you each day after revealing your treat sharing a beauty secret with you - I love this idea!

When December (finally!) arrives, I'm going to share what I get behind each door as a weekly summary instead of daily, as I attempted that with the Ciate Mini Mani Month last year but just found it impossible to find the time and lighting to get a post up daily. I'm planning on sharing it every 5 days so each post has the same amount of items in.

I can't wait to start on this calendar, can December 1st please hurry up!



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