Goodbye August, Hello September

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

It doesn't feel like that long since I was gathering products to photograph for my July favourites, and now we're here in September! I'm so glad Summers coming to an end, I just don't get on with the heat. I love being in the sun when I'm on holiday and have nothing to do other than sit around a pool drinking cocktails, but when I'm at home and have things to get done, the heat just annoys me.

Autumn is my favourite - I love everything about Autumn, the clothes, makeup, cooler weather, hot chocolates, crisp mornings... I've even started adding some new bits to my Autumn wardrobe! September is also the time I start getting excited for Christmas, it won't be long till I'll have to start Christmas shopping! Gosh.

August was a good month, a really good month actually. I've recently got back from a night away in London for my mums birthday. I surprised her, my brother and sister with a hotel for the night, it was lovely to spend time with them in London, my favourite place with my favourite people. I've also been started on some new medication for my autonomic dysfunction, it's a tablet that comes with very precise rules as well as a team of nurses to check that everything's going ok. It's slightly scary because of all the rules to follow, and appointments to monitor me, but if it works then praise the holy medicine lord.

As far as August monthly favourites, I don't actually have enough products that have really wowed me for a blog post, so I thought I'd just mention them in this post. I've been loving my Magnitone Lucid with the Magnitone Silk Bliss Brush Head, and of course the By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock which I've mentioned a couple of times in posts throughout the month. On my nails throughout August I've found myself wearing Sally Hansen Frutti Petutie the most, such a beautiful colour.

My most exciting purchase in August has to be my new MacBook Air, something that I've been considering buying for a while now. I have an iMac, and I love it to pieces but I also like to have a laptop for on the go. When my windows laptop died I felt kind of lost without one. I like that now I don't have to be stuck at my desk, I can still get stuff done when I'm away, as well as being super lazy and crashing on the sofa for an editing session. I could have gone for a cheaper windows type laptop again, but I decided to wait and save for a bit longer to get a MacBook as I get on with the software a lot better.

I also wanted to say hello to all my beautiful new followers I've gained last month, thank you! I've noticed my page views have grown a lot as well, and currently stands at 398,798 - CRAZY! It's strange to know that people actually read the rambles I have to share on this blog! I've set myself the task of blogging everyday throughout September, c'mon Samm you can do this.

Hope you've all had a great August, and an even greater September!




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