YSL Rouge Pur Couture #7 Le Fuchsia

Monday, 17 August 2015

YSL Rouge Pur Couture #7 Le Fuchsia- £26

I came across these photos in a draft post, which I'd totally forgot to write up and publish- typical Samm! I thought I'd get this post up now as this lipstick deserves it's own post. As this post goes live, I (should be) on a train into London. I've got an appointment with the neurologists to talk about the results of tests and if I can get started on medication. It's the day I've been dreading, because I'm either going to be over the moon or burst into tears. URGH the nerves! Anyway onto a more happy subject... lipstick!!

YSL easily win the award of being my favourite luxury brand, and I have a severe weakness to their beautiful lipsticks. I don't know if it's that beautiful gold packaging, the amazing colour selection- or just the fact I obsess over pretty much every lipstick. Understandably with the hefty price tag these come with, it's not exactly an often treat, or at least not for me! My sister kindly gifted me this for my birthday back in February.

If you know me or have been around my blog for a while, you'll probably know I love bright lipsticks - my sister chose well with this colour! I will take a neon pink over a nude any day. This lipstick actually featured in my July Favourites and I've still been wearing it loads through this month as well.

YSL literally win every fuchsia lipstick award for this beauty. Le Fuchsia is a bright yet wearable (well, wearable if you go for bright lipsticks!) blue based fuchsia pink without any shimmer. Being blue based means it's going to help the teeth appear whiter - bonus!

So lets take a second to admire the YSL imprint on the bullet. It's so beautiful that it hurts my heart to wear the lipstick down to start fading it. In fact it kills me using my YSL lipsticks for the first time because they look so beautiful unswatched and unused, but then I realise I'm actually lipstick crazy and then practically want to cover my whole face with it.

Le Fuchsia is part of the Rouge Pur Couture collection from YSL which features beautiful bold colours, intense pigmentation and a medium to full coverage. Compared to Rouge Volupte, the other incredibly popular lipstick collection by YSL, Rouge Pur Couture has a semi-matte, satiny finish rather than a smooth and shiny finish.

Once the lipstick is applied it feels slightly glossy, but then sets to a more creamy velvet finish which is fully opaque on the first layer. It lasts about 4/5 hours on me, but as it's a bold colour it leaves behind a stain so you don't have to worry about it fading unevenly.

YSL did good with this beautiful shade, and I'm glad to have it in my slowly growing YSL lipstick collection!