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Monday, 31 August 2015

When it comes to my handbag, I'm one of those people that carries way more than they'll ever need, and has everything including the kitchen sink packed. Everyone always tells me that my bag weighs a tonne, but hey I have to be ready for every situation, hand wipe anyone? I've got 3 different types to chose from.

Today I wanted to share a look into the beauty products that I like to keep on me. Of course my makeup bag changes and some products are added, but these are the ones that I always seem to carry with me... my handbag beauty heroes!

MAC Studio Fix Powder

This powder is beautiful. I carry it on me to powder throughout the day, and I love that it gives such a flawless almost blurred effect to the skin. It also has a mirror in which is really handy so I don't have to carry that in my already-weighs-a-bloody-tonne handbag.

MAC Brave Lipstick 

If I could only own one lipstick, it would be this. Brave is my favourite and most used lipstick so obviously it has to be in my bag and with me at all times! It's the perfect 'my lips but better' colour,  it's so easy to wear and I find it works well with whatever eye look I'm wearing. If I leave the house in a bright lip, I'll pop the colour I've used into my handbag for top ups during the day, but Brave will always remain with me if I fancy switching to a more wearable colour.

MAC Whirl Lip Liner

The famous Kylie Jenner lip liner which is well raved and hyped about in the makeup world - obviously I had to jump on the hype! Whirl is a really wearable deep pink toned brown which works well with pretty much most eye looks and under a nude/brown lip. I like to carry this around with me to either wear alone, or paired with Brave lipstick (the pair look major heart eyed emoji beautiful together).

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla

My favourite concealer, and one that I can't be without. I was actually sorting out my makeup and realised I own 4 of these.. slight bit extreme Samm! I keep this concealer in my bag for any touch ups throughout the day.

By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock

Only a recent addition to my makeup bag, but one that's quickly become a firm favourite. I've found myself wearing Misty Rock on an almost daily basis lately, so I'm glad I'm getting my moneys worth from this ridiculously expensive yet beautiful cream eyeshadow. It lasts pretty much all day, but I like to keep it with me incase I do need to touch up throughout the day - I have the most watery eyes ever... sooo annoying!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Zero

This is literally just a basic black eyeliner, I can't sit here and hype it up because to me it's just a good black liner that I carry in my bag. It works well in my waterline as well as lining my lashes and correcting any mistakes I may have made when I apply my liner in the morning.

MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Emphatically Blonde

Lets be honest, 99% off the time I leave the house in such a rush that having time to fluff around with my eyebrows is pretty much limited. I always make sure that I've filled them in with my Anastasia Dipbrow (lasts all day so I don't carry it with me) but brow gel is the least of my priorities at 8am - and even if I do have time I often forget to even use it, so it's more convenient to carry it with me. This MAC brow set is my favourite, and one that I'll continue to repurchase.

Duo Lash Glue  & some tweezers (not sure where they're from, sorry!)

Duo lash glue is my favourite lash glue, and one I've been repurchasing for years. I wear false lashes a lot, so I like to carry some lash glue for any disasters that may occur throughout the day- nobody wants to get home and realise their lash has been half hanging off all day! I normally use the 14g larger one from MAC when I'm at home, and when I'm on the go I'll bring the smaller 7g size to save space, as well as less damage if it was to leak. I also like to carry some tweezers with me for sticking the lashes back down.

MAC False Lashes Extreme Mascara (sample size)

When it comes to mascara, I never like to carry a full size mascara with me. This little MAC sample I got with a purchase is perfect to keep on me throughout the day if I notice my mascara needs touching up, thanks watery eyes again.

I also carry a mini YSL Brush set with me, which I stupidly forgot to picture! It contains a mini powder, eye and lip brush which is super handy to keep on me for touch ups on the go.


What's products are your handbag beauty heroes?





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