June Beauty Favourites 2015

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

It's been ages since I've done a monthly favourites on my blog. I'm sure this is my first one this year, which seems strange to say as they always used to be my favourite type of posts to do. I've not really had many stand out products in previous months as I've had a fairly crazy/busy year I kind of stayed in a cycle of using the same products. Then when I've had favourites, I take the photos and write up the post and end up forgetting about it until 2 weeks into the next month!

June has been a really great month. In the beginning of the month I stayed in London for the weekend with my sister and we saw 5 Seconds of Summer at Wembley Arena. That was really fun and nice to go away with her. I've also spent the month making future plans, working out what I want to do to have the happiest future. Basically getting my shit together.

As for blogging, I'm trying my hardest to get back into regularly posting! Back when I started this blog 3 and a half years ago I was still a student and had a lot more spare time to write up posts and take pictures. Now I'm an adult, the real world is a lot harder! So I'm just trying to schedule myself allowing time to get posts up, blogging is what I love to do.

Onto the actual favourites. I've tried and fallen in love with so many products in June. Cutting it down to just these products was hard, but I had to think what products I really couldn't be without, and these are my picks.

MAC Face and Body Foundation

I've had this foundation for a couple of months now, but when I first got it I really didn't like it. It didn't work with my skin so I sort of forgot about it. I was sorting my makeup collection out and getting rid of the products I didn't like or use anymore, and I decided to give this another try before I say goodbye. OH MY. I'm so glad I did. I've focused a lot on my skin over the past few months and got it to a state I was happy with, so I gave up full coverage foundation because I just didn't need the coverage (after years of having acne, that feels really good to say!)

This foundation gives light-medium buildable coverage. It feels so light on the skin- perfect for the warmer months!- and my skin can actually breathe underneath this. It doesn't cake, and when used with a primer and set with a powder lasts all day on my skin. Another great bonus is the fact this contains 120ml of product, which is crazy compared to most foundations that only contain 30ml of products, so it's going to last me a while!

MAC Strobe Cream*

I've fallen in love with Strobe Cream! I use it as a primer before my foundation, and it gives such a beautiful moisturised dewy "glow from within" look without looking like an oily mess. It really gives a youthful, nourished look to the skin and for me blurs the appearance of pores and fine lines. My foundation applies beautifully over the top.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in 'Taupe'

As my hairs often changing colour, the Dipbrow I had (medium brown) was way too dark for my now light blonde hair, so I started using the Brow Wiz I had which matched my hair and I forgot about my love for the Dipbrow. About a month ago I was having a browse on BeautyBay.com and ended up ordering the Dipbrow in a lighter colour. I've fallen back in love with this, and I prefer it to the Brow Wiz.

This product takes a little while to get used to, and you only need a small amount. It's very easy to go over the top and have serious Scouse brows, especially if the colour doesn't match correctly. I wouldn't recommend this if you're just starting out in brows, and defo take some time to practice before wearing this out! (learnt that the hard way!)

MAC Marine Bright Formula Softening Lotion

I follow a lot of MAC Senior Artists on Instagram, and I saw a few posting about this product. I was intrigued so after doing some research online I used my Debenhams reward points to order this- yay for free things! MAC describe this as..

"A softening lotion infused with the high-power impact of our Marine-Bright Formula and Super-Duo Charged Water. Conditions and boosts depleted skin with moisture for a smoother, more supple look. Meanwhile, a potent addition of vitamin C gives skin its brightening effects. Leaves skin refreshed, exceptionally soft, more clarified and brightened, with results that increase over time"


It's basically a facial toner that preps the skin perfectly for makeup application. Don't be fooled by the term "lotion", this is a liquid product that needs to be applied with a cotton pad. I've noticed an improvement in my skin since using this, and I love how clean and refreshed it makes my skin feel. I'll defo be fully reviewing this once I've given it even more of a try.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

I've heard a lot about this spray and had it on my wishlist for a while. I decided to order it and I'm in love. I use this before I apply moisturiser, and after I've applied makeup to refresh my skin. I usually use MAC Fix+ after my makeup, but since I ran out of it I've been using this, and I like it just as much as Fix+ -possibly even more! It's so refreshing, which is perfect now the weathers warming up. I noticed it's currently on offer on BeautyBay.com so I've just ordered a second bottle to keep in the bathroom with my other skincare products, and one for my little makeup area.

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in 'Buttercup"

Now I was really 50/50 on Gerard Cosmetics. I'd never tried them before, but I'd seen lots of "beauty gurus" use the products. I liked the look of the lipsticks, but I was never sure if its because they just wanted people to use their discount code to buy them, or if they genuinely liked them. But I took a risk, BeautyBay had a buy one get one half price offer, so I ordered Buttercup and Rodeo Drive. I'm actually really surprised by them, the quality is really nice, they apply beautifully and last well. Buttercup has become my new favourite nude lipstick, and I love to wear it with Whirl Lip Liner from MAC.

MAC Eye Shadows in "Sweet Lust", "Haux" & "Sketch"

My MAC palette is my baby. Although I haven't fully filled it yet, I cherish it with all my heart. Something about that beautiful sleek black packaging, and the fact I can fill it with whatever colours I want makes me a very happy Samm. I've found myself reaching for my MAC palette a lot through June, with my favourite being Sweet Lust (a pinky rose), Haux (a soft muted rosy brown) and Sketch (a burgundy with red shimmer). I've actually got two more shadows in the post for my palette, oops!

Wow I feel like I've rambled on for absolutely ages in this post. But it felt good to sit down and have a good ramble about beauty products. If you managed to read all of that, gold star for you! I hope you've had a lovely June, and have a great July!




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