A Day At The Beach

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I hardly ever do lifestyle posts on my blog, being that it's mainly focusing on beauty I just never really have. But tomorrow my blog turns 3, and as I've been slacking on the posts lately I wanted to share more personal/everyday life posts to make sure I'm posting regularly. Everything that goes into a beauty related post takes a lot of time (taking the photos, lighting, editing, writing the post etc). Being this is a beauty blog, most the posts will be beauty related, just sometimes it's nice to share more lifestyle type of posts.

Today me and my family decided to go for a picnic on the beach. The sun was out (which is rare in the UK, and if it does appear 96% of the population literally leg it to the beach! - I'm kidding... kind of), but it was a lovely day and nice to spend time with my family. The beach we went to was Botany Bay in Broadstairs, about a 45 minute drive from were we live. It wasn't that busy which is a huge bonus. I also got to wear my new sunglasses that I picked up in Topshop, they're the perfect shape - and even more perfect at hiding my makeup if it isn't looking too great!

Hope you've had a great day!



P.s. As my blog turns 3 tomorrow, I'm going to be holding a giveaway to say thanks to all my readers for all the kind comments and support I'm always receiving. More details will be up tomorrow :)


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day! <3

    Alice xx

  2. It was great, thanks Alice. xo

  3. Love the pictures, just wondering where the girl on the rights glasses are from? Love them!! Charlotte x

  4. Thanks lovely, they're from Primark but from last year I believe. xo

  5. Aww what a beautiful post! I love family days!! xxx