MAC 163 vs Real Techniques 301 Flat Contour Brush

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Real Techniques brushes won over a lot of beauty bloggers hearts when they came on the scene a few years ago, including myself. They're known for being affordable, good quality and easily accessible in most Boots and Superdrug stores. I fell for the hype, and have a variety of different Real Technique brushes- most of which I reach for on a daily basis.

When I saw photos of the Bold Metals collection on social media I was 50/50. They look absolutely beautiful but have a higher price tag than the usual range, with the Bold Metals varying  from £10-£25. Although this isn't as much as some brushes, it seems pretty high for a drugstore brand. The only brush that really caught my eye was the 301 Flat Contour brush. I already owned the MAC 163 which is similar, but I couldn't resist the rose gold of the Real Techniques brush. So I thought I'd post a comparison of the two brushes.

The MAC 163 brush is hard to get hold of online, I brought it in the MAC store in Covent Garden. I'm not sure how much it was as I've had it for a while and used my Pro card so I got a discount, I think I paid just over £20. The Real Techniques brush was £22 so they where round about the same price, with the Real Techniques being a little bit more. Considering it's a drugstore brand that is pretty steep.

Both brushes have synthetic bristles, but the RT is noticeably softer. The MAC 163 is a lot denser and I find works best for powder products, like the Anastasia Contour Kit. It's better at placing product, and is absolutely useless at blending. I also find it applies too much colour and just makes the face look messy, taking more time because you then need to go over with a brush to blend out the colour.

I find the RT works better with cream products, my favourite to use it with is the Chanel Bronze Universal. The two work a dream together, giving a perfectly sculpted face. It also works well with powder, and has the ability to both apply and blend the right amount of product. The handle is weighted for optimal control and comfort, and engineered for perfect weight distribution when tipped towards the face. The brush fits so well in the hand and really does make contouring a dream.

Both brushes wash well, I've had no bristles fall out from either. Although the Real Techniques Flat Contour comes with a hefty price tag, I've found myself using it daily and totally recommend it. It's so much softer and easier to use, hands down beating the MAC 163.




  1. The Bold Metals collection looks so nice, shame about the price but i'll probably end up caving in and buying one! xx

  2. Serious brush envy! they both look so nice.

    Yas xx

  3. The Flat Contour brush is totally worth the price! I've got my eye on the Arched Powder brush next. xo

  4. I've been seriously considering investing in the Bold Metals Contour brush! It's gorgeous! I am sitting on the fence a bit though now with the release of the sculpting brush from their 'normal' line.