Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara Review

Monday, 15 September 2014

I've seen the brand Younique floating around Instagram for a while, and I wanted to give the 3D Fibre Lash Mascara a try, especially after seeing lots of before and after photos and wondered if I'd get the same result. Luckily I was kindly sent it to try by Azalia.

The Younique 3D fibre lash is a 4 step set to enhance your lashes using tiny little fibres which stick to your natural lashes. It says on the slip that comes with it to apply a thin coat of your favourite mascara (in my case, YSL Babydoll) and allow to dry. Then apply an even coat of the transplanting gel on the lashes and immediately, before the gel has time to dry, apply the fibres onto the lash. Finally you seal the fibres with another coat of transplanting gel. Now at first it sounded complicated and I was worried I might have troubles, but it's super easy.

The results are great, my lashes look longer, thicker and a lot darker than using just my regular mascara. I've heard some people say that the fibres can fall out onto your face but I've never had this problem. The key is to play around with it, find away that works best for your lashes. I've found I only need one coat as it can look a bit spidery if you apply to much, just like any other mascara. I also have fairly sensitive eyes and I find this doesn't irritate them at all. It's also super easy to remove, I just use a cotton bud and my No7 beautiful skin eye makeup remover.

I used to find myself reaching for fake lashes most the time as I hated my short uneven lashes (due to alopecia) now I do feel more confident without lashes and on a day to day basis I use this mascara. I will totally be repurchasing this when it runs out.

Thank you to the beautiful Azalia for kindly sending me this, we've been emailing for the past few weeks and she is honestly one of the kindest women and I'm honoured that she took her time to send me a parcel, I wish I had a picture as it was so beautifully wrapped. Thank you Azalia. You can order the mascara from Azalia at and Younique launches in the UK on October 1st.



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  1. Beautiful Samm,

    The pleasure is all mine! What a wonderful young woman, I am honored to have you try out Younique Products and I am so excited for you be able to enjoy them whenever you like very soon! Products will be available for purchase in the UK November 1st. If you would like to be a presenter you can join October 1st.
    Thank you so much,
    Azalia <3 xo