My Lime Crime Lipstick Collection

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Lime Crime are without doubt my favourite lipstick brand. All the colours I've tried so far have been dreamy, they're super pigmented, creamy and long lasting. I'm fussy with lipsticks but I find Lime Crimes all glide onto the lips like a dream and who can resist that packaging, holographic unicorns.. do I need to say more?

I'd wanted a Lime Crime lipstick for well over a year, but
I wasn't aware they were actually available to purchase in the UK until a few months ago. As the brand is based in the US shipping and import/customs was something that would make the lipsticks out of my budget, but luckily we can actually get them from Cocktail Cosmetics, Cute Cosmetics, Love-Cosmetics in the UK and then places such as Amazon and eBay (although make sure to double check they're real, there's a lot of fakes going around).

I do prefer to buy makeup instore so I'm always a little sceptical when it comes to buying make up online, I like to be able to swatch and see the true colour and formulas in person, but I took the plunge with these and ordered some. I am so glad I did, as since then my tiny collection has started to grow. I already have the next few planned which I hope to buy when I have the money, but eventually I'd like to have them all.

Great Pink Planet- Lime Crime describe this as "Pastel pink with a neon note -- think Malibu Barbie!" which I totally agree. It does remind me of a Barbie colour lipstick, and when I'm wearing it I do feel it drains my skin slightly but still is wearable, I normally wear it with a bit of Countessa Fluorescent on top. It doesn't last as long as the brighter colours, but I still get a good few hours wear.

Countessa Fluorescent- Lime Crime describe this as a "Cool-based neon pink" which sums up my ideal lipstick. Although I hardly wear bright lipsticks, this one is totally wearable and is becoming one of my favourite lipsticks.

Centrifuschia- Lime Crime describe this as a "Bright Fuchsia" which pretty much sums this colour up. I find it lasts really well as it stains the lips, out of all 4 I have this colour is the easiest to wear. I feel as though there would be similar colours out there but not as unique as this one.

Airborne Unicorn- Lime Crime describe this as a "Medium purple with a neon note. Hue as mysterious as the animal itself...". This was a colour I just took the plunge and ordered as it really stood out to me. I admit I can't see myself walking around town wearing this colour it's certainly a colour I'm glad to have in my collection.

All the lipsticks are incredibly creamy and feel comfortable to wear on the lips, I can't wait to collect some more and I'm really lusting after Styletto, Geradium and Babette, they may be next on the list!



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  1. I've wanted to try some products from Lime Crime for ages now. Think I might give Airborne Unicorn and Countessa Fluorescent a go, they look gorgeous!

    Josie xxx