Looking back over 2013

Monday, 30 December 2013


2013 has had many highs and lows for me, I've learnt a lot about myself, and I feel as though I finally know who I am as ridiculously cliche as that sounds. It's been my final year as a 'child', I turn 18 in February and it feels crazy! As much as it scares me with all the responsibilities, it also means tattoos so yay! I thought I'd do a post about my year, mainly for future me to look back at and see how my life and changed and what I got up to if I forget, but also to share some certain bits with you all.

January: In the beginning of the year we got snow here in the UK and my family decided to go sledging, we found a massive hill and got the sledges and pool inflatables out and spent the afternoon shooting down this hill, it was such a laugh. I also found my love for Minecraft, I'm still addicted.

February: In February I turned 17, I had a great birthday with my close friends. On a slighter deeper note, I also realised it was time to remove some people from my life, trust me you never know how much drama the wrong people can bring into your life so don't be afraid to move on. You do you I guess,

March: I don't have any stand out memories from March, other than sixth form stress, a shit load of work to catch up on and anxiety from hell, yay.

April: On the 6th of April I got to see One Direction live HOLY JESUS IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I was incredibly lucky enough to have front row seats after getting upgraded and I can't even begin to describe how incredible it was. It was the best memory of my year.

May: May was a tough month for me, I came out of a long term relationship and got my heart broken. Now I look back on it and see what an unhappy relationship it was, but at the time it felt as though I'd lost part of me. I spent a few days in bed crying, but I soon realised it was for the best for both of us, it's all made me a stronger person now. I also think it was about May when I went to a sci-fi event with my family and we got to be mega nerds for the day.

June: June was a really bad month for me, I spent time in hospital. I don't want to say why but it's made me realise I need to fight what goes on in my head and never let the anxiety or depression win. But the best part was towards the end of the month I got to go to the IMATS for the first time! I had literally the best day, it was great to meet people who share the same interest and get to buy make up at cheaper prices, which was a great excuse to buy loads! I also decided to buy myself two fish, they're named Niall and Nini and surprisingly they're still alive and going strong.

July: In July me and mum booked a family holiday to Tunisia as we decided we deserved a break! We're off to Tunisia in April for 10 days. I also started a strict diet and exercise routine and managed to lose some weight, unfortunately as the weather got colder I got out of this routine, but I'm hoping to start up again.

August: At the beginning of the month I went to Hastings and spent the day shopping and exploring area with my best friend. I also found out I'm a movie star, well almost. I'm in the One Direction movie with my brother for about 3 seconds, still it's my claim to fame!

September: In September I started college, I'm currently studying beauty therapy and I'm really enjoying it. I've made new friends and learnt a lot more into the make up and beauty industry. I also stayed in London for the weekend with my best friend Skye, we saw Paramore live which was so freakin good! That weekend I also managed to get more One Direction tickets for the tour next year, yay!

October: October meant Halloween, my second favourite time of the year. I got experimenting with special effects and realised my love for turning people in to zombies and half eaten people.

November: I think I may be forgetting something, but I have nothing interesting that happened in November, or at least anything I can remember.

December: In the beginning of December we celebrated my grandads 70th birthday, we had a massive family dinner and the next day surprised him with flight lessons, it was lovely to see him enjoying himself. Then I went to London again with Skye and spent the day christmas shopping at Westfield. On the 25th (after an almost sleepless night, it's as if I'm still 6) christmas finally arrived! I was very lucky to receive all the presents I got, I got a Dinair airbrush machine which I asked for, and my mum also surprised with a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera which I'd been wanting for ages. I spent the day with my family and all the dogs stuffing our faces and enjoying the day together. I also managed to get my very first YSL lipstick in the sales! I'd wanted one for years but just couldn't justify the price. So when I saw one on offer I had to pick it up. They are well worth the price, and I'll post a review in the next couple of days.

I must admit I haven't been blogging as much as I'd liked to over the past year, but I'm going to try my hardest to get into a regular schedule now the new year is nearly upon us. I'm really looking forward to 2014, I've got my 18th, Tunisia, One Direction and many more fun things to look forward to. Hope you've had a good year!


Samm xo

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