Maybelline Baby Lips

Saturday, 10 August 2013

I have wanted to try Baby Lips for ages, after reading loads about them on American blogs, the only thing that stopped me from buying them was the price of buying them from America with shipping costing more than the product! so when I heard they where coming to the UK I was over the moon. I picked these three up in Boots on 3 for 2, I wanted to get them all but these where the only ones they had. So far I'm really pleased with them, here's what I think..

Mint Fresh (the green one)-
I'm sort of 50/50 with the smell of mint, I don't normally buy mint scented products but with this mint fresh Baby Lips I've found it fine, it does leave a minty taste on your lips and tingles for a short time, but this for me is a great product and my favourite lip balm to slap on before bed.

Intensive Care (the yellow one)-
For some reason the name of this just automatically makes me think of a hospital, but putting that aside I love this Baby Lips, it makes my lips feel so soft and I always apply this before lipstick giving me a soft and smooth base. This is cherry and almond scented and smells the best out the three I own, I love it. This is my most used Baby Lips, the smell is just addictive.

Peach Kiss (the purple one)-
This Baby Lips has a nude beige colour to it, which slightly shows on the lips. I tend to wear this if I'm not going to wear a lipstick as it is coloured. I find it moisturising and leaves your lips feeling super soft. It's meant to smell like peach, which like mint isn't a favourite scent of mine but the smell doesn't remind me of peach which is why I like it. The smell is hard to describe, it's very sweet. I still love this one as well.

As you can tell I'm really happy with the Baby Lips, I keep checking other stores for the other 3 available in the UK (Hydrate, Cherry Me and Pink Punch) but if I don't find them soon I will order them online. Another bonus for me is that they contain SPF 20, great for when the suns out!

Have you tried these? Or what ones would you like to try?


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