Tiny Forever 21 Haul

Monday, 1 July 2013

Forever 21 Aeroplane Necklaces- £2.40 each
Forever 21 Cat Ring- £3.15

Ok when I said in the title that this haul would be tiny, I meant it! I mean does this even count as a haul? But I had to share with you these super cute items I go when I went to Forever 21 in Westfield Shopping Centre with my closest friends, Indi. We had a fun yet feet killing day, I must remember not to wear new shoes next time!

Forever 21 is my favourite shop for accessories, they're a great price and I always find myself buying a few new necklaces and rings when I'm in there. I'm sure readers of my blog are aware of my love for aeroplanes, so how could I say no to these, and I had to get them in both colours as you never know what would go best with an outfit! The ring also caught my eye with the cats face on, I love cats so I had to get this!

Sorry it's only a tiny haul, I just wanted to show you all.



  1. i love the jewellery from forever 21! and it's all so cheap! :)

    life-of-libby.blogspot.co.uk xxx