Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser Review

Monday, 24 June 2013

I have been using this moisturiser for about 10 weeks now and I feel it's time to share my views on it with you all. As you can see I'm almost out of it but I do use it twice a day so it has lasted longer than I expected.

I first brought this after seeing it recommended on another blog for oily skin but I can't remember which blog. I had suffered from oily skin for a couple of years and I really needed to sort it out. When I was looking around Boots I picked it up as I thought it would be worth a try. Here's what I think..

I don't know what I did before this product, this moisturiser is literally my life saver. Not only has it made my oily skin almost gone! I also have less breakouts, I still get the occasional break out but no where near as bad. I have been on medication from the doctor for about 3 years for my acne so these tablets also help, but still this moisturiser has helped improve the condition of my skin.

I find it light on my skin and you only need a small amount to cover the face. It absorbs into the skin super fast ready for me to apply my foundation. I have found this a good primer for my foundation meaning I don't have to use my Smashbox primer everyday, only on days I need my foundation to last 12+ hours. It doesn't leave that horrible greasy sheen I've found other moisturisers to do, making it even better for my skin.

I occasionally get eczema on my face and I find I may have to use my E45 on the really dry patches, especially when the weathers cold or if I've used too much acne cream, so I wouldn't recommend this for dry skin, but if you have oily skin I really recommend you give this moisturiser a try.

You can buy this moisturiser in-store from Boots or online here for £4.69.



  1. I have normal/dry skin but works wonders on my nose pores. I only apply it there if I see my pores got enlarged- it works :)

  2. Nice review! I like Neutrogena products :)

    Kimberley x (currently holding an international MAC giveaway)

  3. This sounds excellent I also have oily skin so it sounds like it'd fit me perfectly too!