Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Ultra Brights Raspberry Rebel Review

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Being a lover of hair dye I was really excited to try this hair dye when I saw it in my local Boots store. So I brought two boxes of the Schwarzkopf  Live Color XXL Ultra Brights hair dye in the shade Raspberry Rebel. In the box was an easy squeeze tube, gloves, instructions and two sachets of conditioner.

  I applied it to my platinum white hair and left on for around an hour to get the most out the colour. I then washed it out and applied the conditioner included in the box. I was really happy with the outcome so I dried my hair and went to bed. This is how it looked after I dried it..

The next morning I got in the shower, shampooed and conditioned my hair, I could see the water turning pink around my feet but just assumed this to be the excess hair dye I had missed. When I got out the shower I looked in the mirror and saw a horrible patchy faded pinky/red colour.. I was so disappointed. 

It looks no where near as patchy in this photo as it was in person, I've had lots of hair disasters but none as bad as this. Luckily I had a second box and no plans for the day so I was able to dye it again, hoping it was just a one off. But... I was wrong! Once again it washed right out my hair on the first wash.

So I gave up, I went back to platinum/white and went lilac the following week. I will never use this colour again, I swear by Schwarkopf Live Color XXL in 00A to get my hair platinum, this is the hair dye I return to every time, but will never try one of their Ultra Brights again. Not a happy Samm.

I got mine from Boots for £5.49 but do not recommend this at all. I hate writing negative reviews but this had to be said.

Have you ever tried this hair dye?

What do you think about Schwarzkopf?



  1. That's so disappointing! I've always been intrigued by these dyes and it's so sad to hear they don't work well :( xx

  2. thats a shame the first pink colour is gorgeous unfortunately thats what happens with most pink or any unusual colour there not permanent so they fade so fast! i used to have pink hair and i used crazy colour and directions though it always stained my nails, bath & tiles around my shower lol xx

  3. Thats so annoying ): It looks gorgeous in the first photo! xxx

  4. YOu would probably need some sort of hair filler perhaps, but that is a shame it looked lovely xx

  5. It was the shampooing your hair that stripped your hair of so much colour unfortunately.
    If you want semi permanent dyes to last in your hair avoid shampooing it for as long as you can.
    Conditioning is fine, yes some colour will run from conditioning it but nothing like shampooing it.
    Also try cold water as hot water opens the hair foils which lets colour escape.

  6. Though personally i think your hair looks great in both pic's.