Hayley Williams Still Into You Outfit

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I have been into Paramore for years now, I've always found the lyrics amazing, so relatable and understandable. So when I saw they had released a new song and video, Still Into You, I knew it was going to be good, I just didn't realise how addicted I would get. I literally have had this song stuck in my head for ages now. It's so catchy. Here's the video..

When I saw what Hayley was wearing I fell in love, she looks perfect. So I wanted to put an outfit together with clothes inspired by what she's wearing. Some of the items are the same as what she's wearing and others are just similar items I found looking online. Here's what I found..

UNIF Pastel Moto Jacket- $210 (£137.17)

This jacket caught my eye as soon as I saw it, I love pastel colours and this is just fab! I'm so tempted to buy it.. it's just hard to justify the price.

Topshop Wide Hinge Detail Belt- £20

This is a super cool waist belt, looks great with the skater dress Hayley's wearing and shows off her tiny waist. 

Topshop Dweeb Crop Top- £10

I was totally anti 'geek' style tops as I found them too hipster for me, I hate wearing something loads of other people are wearing. But Hayley really pulls this off, it looks great with the skater skirt.

URB Neon Yellow Melting Tights- $55 (£35.92)

These are super cool, they're from the brand URB which sells some amazing melting tights, I would love to order a pair but my skin reacts to the material of tights, which sucks as I really want a pair of these! They're slightly on the pricey side, but once they're on they look totally worth it.

River Island Coral Skater Skirt- £16

In the video Hayley is wearing a Syren Latex Swing Dress in Rose Pink, but I chose this coral skater skirt from River Island because I can't imagine many people walking around the streets in latex, it doesn't look very comfortable and is very pricy. But like everything else, Hayley really pulls it off.

Doc Marten 8 Eyelet Boots- £90

These are my favourite shoes ever, I have a mini collection of Doc Martens which seems to be rapidly growing, and a white pair are top of my wishlist. These really pull the outfit together, and out of all the women in the world Hayley is the one that can pull DM's off the most. 

So that's my Hayley Williams Still Into You inspired outfit, I've never done this type of post before, so I hope you like it and I want to make it a more regular feature to my blog. Speak soon!



  1. I am not keen on how she looks now. But this was a really good post.


  2. Aww I'm a Parawhore too! And I LOVE her skirt! xx

  3. I love the entire outfit and i have that song stuck in my head too!

  4. I have that jacket it is worth it :)