Happy Birthday SColvinBeauty

Monday, 15 April 2013

It really does seem like only yesterday I began to write my own little part of the web, but already it's been a year. I didn't know what to do to celebrate, so I thought I would take my time to write a little thank you to my readers...

Hello reader, I class you as a reader even if you've only ever read a few of my posts, or been here since the beginning. I am so thankful to you, for giving me a reason to carry on doing what I do. Blogging is more than just a hobby to me, it's a major part of my life. I have spoken to so many lovely people through blogging, people I want to keep in my life forever. You may not think it, but every little page view adds up to me, I remember hitting 100 views and just staring at the screen with amazement, for just a shy teenage girl from Kent to have viewers on her own blog is the best feeling ever.

I have also had a lot of opportunities from companies who I am ever so thankful for, since doing my BehaveBox I have had a few jewellery companies offer to send me stuff, wow. Also the kind emails I get from readers are so touching! I remember getting my first one and I actually cried, it sounds so pathetic but to hear so many kind things said about you and your blog in an email is just amazing.

I also love to share my opinions and knowledge with other people, just like I love reading other blogs to get advice and read others opinions. The blogging community is one I'm so glad I decided to join, and one I don't intend on ever leaving. So thank you! And as cheesy as it sounds, you're awesome. Now I sound American.. and I'm rambling.

So that's my little note to my readers, sorry I ramble a bit. I'm a super rambler hahaha. So join me as I toast my coffee... to SColvinBeauty and all it's fabulous readers! Enjoy the amazing creation I made below, oh god I'm sorry it's just my batteries running low and it's effort to get the charger. Speak to you all soon!


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