It's my birthday :D

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hello everyone, hope you're all ok. Sorry for my absence from my blog, my laptop screen has broken so I've got to send it off for repairs when I'm paid. But luckily today my brothers letting me borrow his laptop.

But anyway, as the title says... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. Yep, I'm officially 17 (finally!) I wanted to show you all a few things a got. I got money instead of presents from my mum but here's what I got present wise and shopping...

I'm so thankful for everything I got, I love it all. My sister got me a MAC lipstick in Chatter Box which I had been wanting for ages so thanks Beckie. My little brother got me some Tigi Bead Head Sugar Dust for me to style my hair as I just recently got it shaved again. My boyfriend Harry got me a pillow from Drop Dead I had been after for ages so I'm so grateful for that. Harry's mum got me the Benefit perfumes which smell amazing!

Everything else in the photo's I purchased out of birthday money, my favorite being my new Drop Dead iPhone case, I love it so much. I'm actually addicted to Drop Dead. I've made 6 orders in the past two weeks, that's how addicted I am! I also brought some Doc Martens, just the plain black ones as they will go with anything and I had wanted them for ages now. I got the MAC Mineralize eye shadow in Young Punk which cost me £16.50 but it's so lovely I had to get it. I got the Beyonce Midnight Heat perfume on offer in Superdrug and wow, it smells amazing! The army style jacket was from River Island which I had been wanting for a while and luckily it was on offer for £20. I also got a couple of basic hoodies which I didn't photograph. 

I have been celebrating my birthday the past couple of days, I had Harry over for Dominos on Friday, we then went to Nandos on Saturday and today I went with my family to the pub for some lunch, and Tuesday I'm meeting up with a friend I haven't seen for ages (my fault, I was a bad friend :s) and Harry and we're going to go and see the movie Flight which I've been wanting to see as it has a airplane in which I'm sure you all know I'm addicted to them, haha! I;m so excited to see Skye again, it's been too long and she's such a lovely girl. I really hope we can get close again :)

Speak to you all soon!



(I've lost my ending as it's saved on my laptop)