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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Hello everyone, hope your all ok. I have a review of a new palette I purchased a few days ago...

I am a bit of a Kardashian fan, I find the show funny and I think they always seem to look glamorous with flawless make up. So when I heard Kourtney, Kim and Khloe where releasing a make up range I thought well that's defiantly worth a try. 


Khloe's Kardazzle Palette

Eye shadows

Blush, highlighter and bronzer

I decided to order Khloe's Kardazzle palette (available here) as it was the one that stood out at me the most with it's neutral colours. I am glad I got this one as it it lovely.

This mini palette contains 8 eye shadows (4 matte and 4 shimmer), a blush, highlighter and bronzer. The eye shadow colours are really wearable and not too dark which I like. They are pigmented but not amazingly like the Naked palette but this is just a fraction of that price. 

The blush and bronzer are nice although I can't really see myself using them much as they are so tiny which can be annoying fitting the brush in. The blush is buildable so it doesn't come out too bright. The highlighter is really pigmented and shimmery which I like so I can't wait to start using that.

On the website the pricing is in euros which I had to convert to pound as I'm English. It costs 16.95 euros which is around £14 making it and affordable palette for many people. 

The only downsides are that the packaging feels really cheap, like it will almost snap off if your not really careful with it, hopefully they will do something about the quality as it puts me off wanting to buy another one. And the second downside is the size, when I say it's small I literally mean super small. I compared it to the naked palette to give you an idea, it's handy to travel with but for me it's just that little bit too small.

Size compared to the Urban Decay Naked Palette 

Overall I am happy with this palette and I can see myself using the eye shadows a lot, as for the blusher, highlighter and bronzer I doubt I will get much use out of them as they are so small but I will be giving them a try. You can view the range at

Would you buy this palette?

What do you think about the colours?


  1. good post, the eyeshadow palette looks really nice! The kinds of colours I use everyday, I am considering getting this, thankyou for the post:)! I agree it is small but I do like carrying palettes in my bag so this one would be a good travel size :) xxx

  2. This palette defo has my type of colours, but I didnt realise how small it is :O thanks for the comparison photo!


  3. This palette looks amazing, I think they've done a really good job with their beauty line and I'm impressed with the price too! xx