My style crush

Saturday, 1 December 2012

*Mega girl crush ahead*

 I absolutely love Cher Lloyd, she seems like such a genuine lovely young girl who I admire. Her musics great, her style is great, she has the most amazing figure out there (in my eyes). Basically I love her, I wish there was some way I could trade bodies with her. Anyway back to the post..

I don't really do fashion posts on my blog but when I was on Twitter the other day I kept seeing lots of photos of Cher on my timeline (I follow a lot of fan accounts) so when I kept seeing them all that kept popping up in my head was "wow I love what she's wearing". 

Cher has a really unique and different dress sense. All her outfits seem to have a little twist to them, making them her own. That made me think about how I'm like that. If I buy something I try to make it my own, whether it's adding studs, spikes, diamontes(or whatever there called), paint etc. This then led me to googling Cher and her outfits and I began really noticing that I liked what she was wearing and it inspired me to start looking online for clothes inspired by Cher and ways I could get her style to suit me. Here's a collage of what I found..

All the items in the collage are from River Island which is my favourite ever shop, I don't think they sell anything I wouldn't wear. I have only picked a few things as I only wanted to give a bit of inspiration to 'Lloyding up your wardrobe' haha, see what I did there ;)

I chose the shorts as you often see Cher in a pair of high wasted shorts and I thought the colour looks good for this time of year, although her legs would get cold. I chose the skull cuff because Cher is often seen with skulls and they are really in fashion lately, I'm really tempted to buy this for myself. Another thing Cher is often seen rocking is trainers, so I though these wedge trainers would be great to add some hight as Cher is small (I've seen her live, she is literally so petite). The boots are also to add height but they look really nice at the same time, I can imagine Cher in them with some high waited shorts or skirt. The cross vest is for the rock side of Cher that she often brings out, it would look great on stage with studded shorts. This denim studded dress is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I want  need it. I can see Cher wearing it in a music video. Lastly is these Doc Marten style boots. Cher is often seen in Doc Martens so these would look good and the studs add the rock side to them. I have wanted these boots for months but luckily my dad brought me some real Doc Martens for christmas woo.

So I hope you've enjoyed this post, it was random but I wanted to show you all what I like to dress like and where I get my inspiration from. I made the collages on an app on my iPad called 'Pic Collage'.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Hey! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out! :) xx

  2. I absolutely adore cher lloyd too! Shes proper stunning and love her style!

    I have like 3 pairs of Hi Top Wedges now ha!

    Hope your ok!