My current obsession: Ear cuffs

Monday, 10 December 2012

Hello beauties, hope your all ok. Today's post is showing you all my current craze and addiction.. ear cuffs! I am totally hooked on the craze, they are amazing. I currently only own 3 but my collection will soon expand when I get paid.

I went into New Look to have a look around and when I looked around the jewellery section I noticed some ear cuffs I had to have, these are the ones I got..

 They are the ones without the chain connecting which I prefer for everyday wear. They are really comfortable and I can't tell that I have them on.  Here's a photo of the one I'm currently wearing...

Looking around in stores and online I have found loads that I would like. I thought I would share some that I've got my eye on..

1. This is my favourite out of them all, these little men are so cute. There from Asos. I can't wait to buy them tomorrow when I'm paid, and for only £6 for both of them you can't really say no.

2. These ear cuffs are from Chelsea Doll. They are the most expensive out of my picks at £6 each colour but for me they would be worth it. I would love these and will eventually buy them.

3. I have been wanting this cuff for a few weeks now, I've picked it up many times in store then put in down in doubt but now I wish I did buy it. I think £3 is great for this because it has the chain with skulls on. Skulls are my favourite thing, ever.

4. This ones also River Island. It's a little bat which is so cute. I looked in my local store for it but couldn't find it and with delivery charges online it's just not worth it. But when I got the email this morning saying it's free delivery today I was so tempted and resisted as I'd already brought the ones from New Look.

Hope you liked this post, do you like ear cuffs?