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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Hello lovelies, hope your all ok :)

I went Christmas shopping with mum yesterday afternoon and as usual I picked up a few little bits for myself.  I have been looking for some new nail art pens as mine have started to dry up. I chose the Models Own nail art pens as they look nice and Models Own is a brand I love and trust. Here's some pictures...

Nail Art pens in the packaging

Eyes on top- so cool!

Back of the packaging

I got them in Boots here for £6 each pen which I think is a little high- or am I being tight? but I am willing to pay it as they look so lovely to use. 

You can get them in 7 different colours: black, white, pink, blue, yellow, silver and gold. I brought pink and white.

Boots currently have an offer on where if you buy 2 Models Own products you get a free gift..

Free gift

What you get in the set

Glittery gold nail polish which looks slightly green

The set includes a black nail art pen and a gold/green nail polish.

I'm not actually sure if I like the colour of the nail polish so I doubt I'll ever wear it but that's not the reason I got this set, I got it for the black nail art pen as it saved me buying a separate one for £6.

They have a lovely tip for precise detailing 

I love free gifts, I also picked up the L'oreal offer in Boots with the free box of goodies so a post on that will be up soon!

Look out for lots of nail art ideas with these new pens, I can't wait to start using them.

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  1. I'm loving Boot's Christmas offers! I picked up some No 7 nail polish and an eyebrow pencil for my Mum for Christmas as a little stocking filler goodie, and got a giftbox with four items with it. Nice to be rewarded for my efforts christmas shopping ;)