It's so nearly Christmas!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Hello everyone, omg it's so nearly Christmas now! I'm so excited my stomach feels funny, I'm actually like a 5 year old haha, are you all excited? I've had such a lazy couple of days literally watching Christmas films and then seeing Harry this morning which was nice, I know he's got me lots of Models Own nail varnish so I'm super excited about that, I'm staring at the big box now.

The sales have started online for lots of stores so I've been busy buying lots of clothes and make up, the biggest sale I'm waiting for is the Lush sale. I was actually going to book coach tickets to Bluewater shopping centre (about an hour and a half away from me) just to go to the Lush sale then luckily they opened a store in my town, yeey! So boxing day I will be busy hitting the stores, mainly Lush and Boots those are the two I'm really interested in as all the other stores I like I've ordered from online, so expect hauls.

I've also been practising Christmas nail art, I haven't chose what ones I'm going to do yet. 

Here's some pictures...

I probably won't blog tomorrow as I'm going to my nan and grandads and I don't get internet or phone signal, it's upsetting I know but I'm looking forward to a day with my family.

If I do blog it will probably be some pictures I've taken which will be brief as I'll do it from my iPhone with the blogger app so if I don't speak to you all..

Have a lovely Christmas!