10 questions

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Hello everyone, hope your all ok. As it's Sunday it means one thing, 10 questions.. 

1. What have you done today? 

I haven't done much, I had a lay in and wasn't up till 12 then as I had stayed at Harry's for a few days his mum and dad took me home and they came in for a bit a cuppa. After they left I went on Twitter for a bit then got my laptop out to do some blogging. 

2. Favourite song of the week?
Rihanna- Diamonds 
It's really catchy and I'm finding myself singing it all the time.

3. Favourite purchase this week? 

Pink hair dye, I'm braving it and dying all my hair candy floss pink! I can't wait as I've had pink highlights to get used to pink now I'm addicted and can't wait to have all my hair pink, woo :)

4. What plans do you have for the week ahead?

Sixth form on Monday and Tuesday, nothing Wednesday (yet), collecting GCSE certificates and having a Christmas party at my old school on Thursday, other than that I have no idea haha. 

5. What has been your highlight of the week? 

This is going to sound pathetic but going to sixth form Friday. I had been too scared to go for weeks and had fallen behind but finally braved it and went Friday, even though my mum and Harry practically dragged me there haha.

6.What was the last thing you brought? 

A hand made glass frog for my boyfriends grandparents. Random but I thought it would be good for them.

7. Most inspiring photo of the week?

It's not inspiring it just caught my eye when I saw it. 

8.Most wanted item?

Models Own nail polishes. I have 4 but really want more. Luckily Santa (my boyfriend, Harry) is bringing me some, yey xD 

9.What nail varnish are you wearing right now? 

I'm wearing 3. Barry M black, Angelica French white and O.P.I Hi Pumkin to create these penguin nails...

 Managed to fit a NOTD into this as well haha

10. Favourite make up item this week? 

Revlon Colourstay Foundation, I am in LOVE. A review will be up this week.

Hope you enjoyed reading :)