O.P.I So So Skullicious

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I made my first purchase from BuyaPowa a few weeks ago after reading loads of posts about other bloggers who has used the site before. I brought the O.P.I So So Skullicious. The main thing that drew my attention to this was the bright colours and skulls on the packaging, I absolutely love skulls! 

See what I mean, the packaging is amazing! 

I had wanted it for a few weeks then ta da, an email from BuyaPowa came up in my inbox and saw it was the O.P.I So So Skullicious mini set. I had to buy it. I got it for £8.50 which I think was really good for this little set compared to the RRP. It arrived about 8 days after I purchased it which was longer than I had expected but the wait was worth it as I love this set, mainly because of packaging as it's so bright and skulls are amazing. 

Hi Pumpkin!, A Rose From The Dead, Morning Glory and Candlelight


There are four different colours in the set, here's what O.P.I say and my opinion:

Hi Pumpkin!- This Jack-O-Lantern orange is sweet on you.

I don't really like orange nail polish so I probably wont get much use out of this but it's a colour I may need at some stage. The colour is just like pumpkin.

A-Rose From The Dead- This hot pink is the life of the party.

I love pink nail polish, it's the colour I wear most of the time. This pink is nice but could have been brighter, it's not a colour you would expect in a Halloween set but it's nice and wearable. Definitely my favourite. 

Morning Glory- A black is so shiny, it will lift your spirits.

This has the weirdest but funniest name ever, when I read it I did actually have a little giggle as the childish side came out in me. But the actual colour is really nice and has a nice shine finish and applies well. I wore this at my Halloween party and my friend Harley complimented me on it.

Candlelight- Be all aglow in this flame yellow.

Yellow is another colour I don't really wear as an all over colour because doesn't suit my skin colour, but I use it for nail art especially dotting so this will come in handy. It's a lovely bright yellow. 

Water decals

I haven't used the decals yet as I think they look to nice to use, but I shall experiment with them soon. I'll post a picture when I do! I really wanted to buy another set for a giveaway but my bank balance said no so I'm going to start gathering little things over the next couple of weeks to do a giveaway when I get to 100 followers, so spread the word!

Thanks for reading! :)