November make up favourites

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hello everyone, hope your all ok :) today's post is a first of this kind for me, I always see them on other blogs and I've finally decided to do one myself, so here it is my monthly favourites! 

These are the make up products I've been loving and why:

H&M make up sponge-

 I walked past this in H&M a few weeks ago and it reminded me of the Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Blend Perfection Sponge which I wanted to try but was out of stock in my local Superdrug. This sponge is originally pink but as I've used it it so it's turned the colour of my foundation.

Why is it one of my favourites this month? 

This sponge is one of my favourite beauty products this month because I use it to blend out my foundation after applying it with my Real Techniques stippling brush. I find that it really helps give a flawless look to my foundation. And the best thing is only cost £1.99 how amazing. I would really recommend you pick this up if you see it. 

Barry M Wink Marker Pen- 

I am always on the hunt for a lasting, affordable and easy to apply eye liner lately. This is my all time favourite eyeliner.I would never have thought of buying a Barry M eyeliner as I think of them as a nail polish brand I never really thought of the make up the sold until it was 3 for 2 a few months ago so I thought why not try it. I have never regretted buying this.

Why is it one of my favourites this month? 

This eyeliner has made it onto my favourites this month for many reasons. It's really easy to apply in one sweep which is big coming from me as I am no good with eyeliner, hence the reason I don't wear it much till I found this. It's also really well lasting. As you can see in the images below after 7 hours wear it still looked good, only a little bit of fading. It also doesn't smudge onto the rest of my eye lid which is another bonus. I really want to try Barry M's new waterproof pen eyeliner to see how it compares to this.

After about 7 hours wear

After about 7 hours wear

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain 020 Lovesick-

I love the Revlon Balm Stains as I find they are really long lasting and come in lots of amazing shades, I have 3 but I really want more.

Why is it one of my favourites this month? 

It's one of my favourites this month because the colour is a really nice bright pink almost purple which looks really good with my pink highlights in my hair. It also lasts all day without me having to re-apply all the time like with most lipsticks. 

Chit Chat Highlighter- 

I have been a fan of Benefit's High Beam for a few months now after having a few samples, but being a student and it being Christmas time I couldn't afford the full size so I was researching online into a dupe of High Beam and I read on a blog, unfortunately I can't remember what blog it was, but they said that the Chit Chat Highlighter was a dupe sold in Poundland for the bargain price of... guess.. £1. For that price I thought it's worth a try and if I don't like it there's not much of a loss. 

Why is it one of my favourites this month? 

This is one of my favourites this month because this is actually amazing, I love it! Its more for pale skin as I can imagine it being quite draining on darker skin, but I can comment as I have fair skin. The only fault is the brush, its useless and all messed up and sticking everywhere but the actual product is well worth the £1.

Benefit The POREfessional Primer- 

This was a freebie from a magazine a few months ago. This was the first primer I ever used, and I instantly fell in love. It really does what it says. 

Why is it one of my favourites this month? 

This ones a favourite because it makes my make up last longer, and minimise the size of my pores. Hopefully I'll be able to buy the full size soon. I use it religiously every day and probably will for the rest of my life.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer-

I have been using this concealer for probably about a year now, it beats all my other concealers such as Mac and other high end brands I've tried.

Why is it one of my favourites this month? 

This one is my favourite every month and deserves all the credit it gets, it's great for me to hide blemishes, freckles and dark circles under my eyes. This is another product I will re-purchase again and again.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold-

I love Maybelline Colour Tattoo's. I do have about 3 now and love them all. I use them as bases or alone on a lazy day when I need to do my make up fast.

Why is it one of my favourites this month? 

This is one of my favourites this month because in the mornings for sixth form I'm too tired to pay a lot of attention on my make up, that sounds lazy but when I use this it takes about 10 seconds to apply rather than 10 minutes to use a palette. This colour is so pretty, it shines on my eyes making them stand out. I've used it soo much and still have loads left.

So that's all my make up favourites this month. Hope you enjoyed reading! What's some of your favourites this month? :)



  1. Lovely post! I'm so desperate to try Maybelline Colour Tattoo


  2. That eyeliner looks like one I'd love, and I am crazy about those Revlon Balm
    Stains! I have some of the Color Tattoos, but haven't seen it in Pink Gold...WANT!! :)

    Great favorites!

  3. really nice selection of beauty products!

  4. Great selection. Your eyes are gorgeous.
    New follower

  5. Thank you, they are brilliant I love them :) xx

  6. The pink gold is lovely! A real must have :) x

  7. need to check out the h&m sponge x

  8. I am so tempted to get the porefessional, it is so expensive but reviews like this just make me want it more x