NOTD- My attempt at galaxy nails

Friday, 30 November 2012

Hello lovely's, hope you've all had a lovely week. I'm glad it's the weekend now but shame I have a ton of art work that needs doing, but Sunday is going to be my relax day with my family. Anyway today's post is showing you my NOTD,my attempt at galaxy nails and how I got the effect. I have seen this on lots of blogs for a while now and decided to try it myself, I like the outcome and this look is one I'm going to be trying out a lot as it's easy and look really nice.

It's really easy to do, here's how I did mine:

1. Paint your nail an all over dark colour. I used black. You could use dark blue/purple.

2. With a sponge apply colour. Make sure you don't have too much polish on the sponge as you want a faded look. I have used a purple, pink, blue and yellow which looks green. You could use any colours.

3. Use a nail art brush/cocktail stick to add white dots and other extras

4. Apply glitter, I used Models Own Ibiza Mix

5. Apply a top coat to smooth it all out, I used Sally Hansen Inst-Dri.

And now your done and have fabulous galaxy nails!

Here's the products I used:

Barry M 47- Black
Angelica French White 29
Models Own Ibiza Mix
Barry M 350- Diamond Glitter
Barry M 291- Cobalt Blue
Nina Ultra Pro Salon Formula in Solar Flare
China Glaze Purple Panic
Miss Sporty Sparkle Touch

Hope you like my nails, remember it's only my first attempt haha.


  1. I love this! Which colours did you use honey? They look great together!

    Thank you for following my blog! xx

  2. Your nails look amazing xx

  3. Thanks, and I've just updated it showing the colour I used :) xx