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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hello everyone! Hope your all ok :)

Today I was going to do a wishlist but then a genius idea came to my mind, forget wishlist I'm going to do my Christmas list! Yes I know it's months early but my mum asked me what I wanted so she could start buying in advance. So I thought why not share my Christmas list with you all to let you see the types of things I want for Christmas. 

For some people this may be nothing compared to what they get but money doesn't grow on trees for my family. To me this list is super expensive. I know I won't get all the items there just ideas for my mum and family. The reason there's a lot of things is because I like to have a surprise on Christmas day so there's loads of different options for people to get me so I won't know exactly what it is. So enough of my rambling, here it is...

My main present I asked for was the new iPod Touch in blue. I spoke to my mum and she has agreed to get it for me, woop woop!

OMG it's beautiful, can't wait to get my hands on this bad boy. 

So that's my main present from my mum, she normally gets a few other bits like make up, jewellery, gift vouchers, clothes etc. Here's a few make up bits I've put on the list

When I got an email from MAC a couple of days ago about the Marilyn Monroe collection I was so excited and just wanted to go buy it all. But in the real world I can't actually afford it. So I'll have to keep my fingers crossed Santa takes a little trip to my local MAC counter ;)


I would really like to get some more MAC blush, I currently only own one from the Wonder Woman collection. I would love any of these:



-Well Dressed

- Pinch O Peach

- Prism


-Pink Swoon 

- Cow Girl

-Full Of Joy 


This blush is one of the products I want most from MAC. It's the Mineralize Blush in Supernova. I would also like Solar Ray but I couldn't find a good image.

I am going to shock my readers by the next thing I say. I only have 1 MAC lipstick, I know how shameful of me! There's lots of MAC lipsticks I want. These are the main ones:

-Shy Girl

-I Like It Like That

-Reel Sexy


-Vegas Volt

-Please Me

-Show Orchid





I have the first Naked Palette but I would really appreciate the Naked 2.

That's the main things I would love, any of them. Please remember they are all just ideas I'm not demanding them all.

I also really love the Christmas gifts they do in Boots. My mum normally gets me lots of bits from there like hair and beauty sets as she knows I love them :)

Bless her she really is my life :')

All images from Google Images

Thanks for reading!

Speak to you all in my next post.

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