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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Hello everyone! Hope your all ok. Today's post is a tag which I saw somewhere a few months ago and I liked it so I wrote down the questions. Whilst sorting through my blog diary I saw the questions so I decided it would make a good post for today. So here's the questions and my answers..

1. Where do you store your make up? 

In these plastic storage draws:

2. How many make up products do you own? 

Maths really isn't my thing so I don't think I would even think I could keep count, so I'm going to estimate about 200 maybe.

3. How many make up products do you use daily?

 Depends on what I'm doing that day, what I'm wearing and how much time I have, so on average it's about 15-20 different products.

4. How many eyeliners do you own? 

3 black, 1 grey, 3 brown, 5 blue, 4 green, 2 purple, 2 pink, 1 silver glitter, so a total of 21.

5. How many foundations do you own? 


6. How many concealers do you own? 


7. How many mascaras do you own? 


8. How many lip glosses do you own? 


9. How many lipsticks do you own?


10. How many nail polishes do you own? 

40 and 100 and something nail art pens

11. How many single eye shadows do you own? 

I have mainly palettes and only 2 single eye shadows

12. How many palettes do you own? 


13. How many perfumes do you own?


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