10 questions

Monday, 27 August 2012

Hello everyone, hope your all ok :) I have only just realised it's Monday so this post is a day late. I thought of a new idea that every Sunday I would put up a post containing 10 questions to answer about the week. So apologises again for this being up a day late, it will be up on Sundays from now on..

1. What have you done today? 

I've had a lazy day at home with my family before they go back to London tomorrow. I have also tidied (think that's spelt right) my room and spent the past 4 hours trying to find a camera to get as I normally just use my iPhone 4s camera but I want a separate camera for clearer, better pictures for my blog.

2. Favourite song of the week?

It's a song I found on YouTube whilst listening to another song it's Kiana Brown- Hey Chica. It's really addictive and catchy.

3. Favourite purchase this week? 

Essie nail polish in 'Fiji' from Boots. The reason this is my favourite is because -shock horror- it's my first ever Essie nail polish I have brought. Shocking, I know.

4. What plans do you have for the week ahead?

I shall list it..

Tuesday: Meet Harry after he's had his enrolment at college and stay at his house.

Wednesday: Go to my neurologist appointment 

Thursday: Meet with Harry and 2 of my best friends, Harley and Izzy, to see Keith Lemon The Movie at the cinema.

Friday: Go to London with Harry and his mum to visit my mum, sister and brother and go and do some activities around London.

Saturday: No idea, I'll plan it nearer the time haha.

5. What has been your highlight of the week? 

It's going to sound soppy but probably spending the week with my boyfriend Harry as we don't really get any time alone so it's been really nice.

6.What was the last thing you brought? 

An ice cream called the 'Funky Monkey' from my ice cream van. Here's a really talented drawing I did on Paint haha

7. Most inspiring photo of the week? 

This ones easy. I was reading through The Daily Mail online and I saw something about The Saturdays who I like so I decided to read what it was about. It was only something boring like they had gone to some sport game in LA but as I read through it I saw a picture of Frankie, who I love love love! And I'm trying to lose weight and get more healthy and when I saw this image it made me want to lose weight even more to get a figure like Frankie's, it's absolutely amazing! I would kill for her figure. Now every time I go to the fridge to get something to eat or go to order something unhealthy I look at this picture and think to myself 'do I want this figure' and I no longer want that unhealthy snack. Lets hope it pays off!  Please note: I found this picture after eating the ice cream. ;)

8.Most wanted item?

I really want a new camera to take better photos on for my blog so I've spent hours researching and watching YouTube videos and I have decided to go for the Nikon Coolpix S8200 which I will hopefully be buying tomorrow when I'm paid. I also really want a new handbag as I've been using Pauls Boutique for about 2 years and I've outgrown it and want a more mature bag. So I think I'm going to try Warehouse as there bags look lovely and are such a great price.

9.What nail varnish are you wearing right now? 

Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours in 'Pop Fiction' with Miss Sporty Sparkle Touch over the top.

10. Favourite make up item this week? 

My Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner as I've been wearing fake eyelashes a lot so I find it gives me a really good long lasting line. I wish they did more colours as this is one of my favourite all time products.

Thanks for reading, comment with what you thought about the post and any different comments for the next '10 Questions'

Speak to you all in my next post..


  1. I love the Maybelline gel liner too - I wear it every day :) I've been looking to pick up Fiji too, it's such a pretty colour!

  2. I swear by the Maybelline gel liner, I use it so much. It doesn't dry out neither like other gel liners. And Fiji is lovely but needs about 3 coats for a solid colour x