Mini Haul

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hello everyone, just a little evening post as I've been writing scheduled posts all day for when I go away to Lanzarote in a week's time. I've picked up a couple little things this week that I needed. I've stopped myself from buying anything lately as I've been on a spending ban. BUT, I've ebayed lot of stuff and made just over £30 doing that and I've saved £30 to splash on make up. So on Tuesday I am hitting the shops with £60 for a mega haul so you watch for my next few posts! There's so many products I've been waiting to get for ages and I'm so excited to go shopping ahh! These are the few little things I've brought this week..

I love this cute little purse from Accessorize, It was on offer for only £2.25 and I had to get it as I needed a little purse to take my money in on holiday as my current PB purse is huge. 

I have a huge obsession with Hello Kitty and I needed a new notepad to write everything in for my blog, and  obviously I needed a pen to write with ;) both from WH Smith

When I said it was a small haul I meant it.

Speak to you all in my next post..