Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush Set

Monday, 16 July 2012

Another post today that I've been excited to share! I have been looking into getting some new make up brushes for a while now but as moneys tight with the holiday in 3 weeks plus the cost of a kit and uniform for college, I decided instead of going out and spending loads on high end brushes, I'd try the Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush Set. It was only £33.99 (on offer from £45.00) on Amazon view here. They arrived super fast and on the day they arrived I was so excited I actually nearly screamed when the postman put them through my letterbox haha!

The brushes are in a faux-leather roll which has lots of room and even a zip passage inside which you could use to store small items in to carry with you. All the brushes are super soft and feel like really good quality, I'm impressed. I don't keep them in the case I have put them into a pot with my other make up brushes and they look really good and worth a lot more than the price I had paid.

Soo many brushes!

Coastal Scents logo printed on the inside of the case

The first (and biggest!) brush in the set was the fan brush. I'm not really into fan brushes but I have used it a couple of times to brush off loose powders and it works really well for that. You could also use it to softly contour but you only need a light hand and a touch of product for that.

Powder Brush: I use this as it says in the name; applying powder. Its super soft and could be used for finishing powder, bronzer, blusher etc. It's defiantly one of my favourite brushes in the set.

Flat stippling brush: This brush is perfect for applying powder foundation, it's super soft and applies product beautifully.

Angled blush brush: This is the perfect blush brush, you could also use this to contour.

Round powder brush: I like this brush, again it's super soft and lovely to use for applying powder.

Foundation brush: I haven't used this yet as I don't really use this style foundation brush. As it's fairly small I'd use this more for concealer.

I'm not going to review these brushes individually as they all have the same similar use on the eyes and one on the lip plus I haven't really had much chance to try them all out but again they're super soft and feel lovely and the ones I have used have been great. I'm excited to get to use them to create some new looks and hopefully start posting some tutorials on here as I have photographed a couple different styles I've done on my live model aka my sister, Becky. The detailed concealer brush has to be one of my favourites as it's small enough to get into small hard to reach places. The brow bushes get used the least by me as I prefer to use pencils for a more precise line which I can blend enough to look natural.

Same as above, I haven't had much chance to really use these brushes but the dome shadow brush is great for adding colour into the crease. The doe foot blender is so great at blending colours out to give that lovely blended look that's not too harsh yet still noticeable.

Overall these brushes are brilliant for beginners and even people who want some good quality yet affordable brushes to add to their collection. I'm going to order another set for my client brush kit as there's such a variety of brushes and all covers all the basics you'd need. I'm really impressed with these brushes and glad I picked them up, I couldn't recommend them more!



  1. I am in desperate need of a brush set but as much as I would love a full MAC set its just too expensive! this looks like a really nice set and a good price too

  2. I have coastal scents brushes too & I LOVE them! & not outrageously priced like most brushes.

  3. There lovely brushes, defiantly worth buying :) xx

  4. I love them too! the prices are brilliant, you can buy a set of 22 for the same price as like one MAC brush :) x

  5. Totally mental price for that many brushes! I'm in need of some new ones so might have to snap them up on payday :)


  6. These look like really great quality brushes! I need some new ones. Such a great deal x