Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hello everyone! I have only 8 days till I go to Lanzarote, ahh! So excited, I've almost got everything ready all I have left to get is a pair of leggings from Topshop for the flight which is what I'm most excited about as I have a serious addiction to airports and aeroplanes. This week I am going to be busy making scheduled posts so my blog won't be neglected whilst I'm chilling in the sun. But I need some advice from my readers as I get kind of stuck with posts as I don't know what you guys like to read most so please leave comments with suggestions to leave as scheduled posts that you would enjoy to read about. I think one of the main posts I am going to do now and may even post today is on the condition I have called Ehlers Danlos syndrome type 3 which is what Izzy on Coronation Street has. And yes, I also have a wheelchair but as I am against using it as I got bullied for ages and had to move schools as the bullying got so bad. So instead of going out in a wheelchair, I simply stay at home on bad days doing nothing. Anyway you can read more in my next post, thanks for reading..

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  1. Can I just say that you are not alone in the having an addiction to airports and aeroplanes. I have that too! I thought it was just me but its nice to know that its not :L x