SFX Makeup

Welcome to the section of my blog that isn’t pink, glittery, girly or pretty. I like to call it the dark side. I wanted to create this page as somewhere to post my creations, so I can look back and see how I’ve progressed over time. 

Special effects makeup is something I’m really interested in and enjoy doing. I actually prefer SFX makeup up to ‘normal’ makeup, as you can be as creative/gory as you like. I’m self taught in SFX, I never covered it when I studied makeup. I’ve learnt most of what I know from YouTube tutorials, and a lot of experimenting with products. 

This page will be frequently updated as I create new looks, and I’m open to suggestions for any looks you’d like to see! Leave them in a comment, or in an email 🙂



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  1. February 7, 2016 / 2:45 pm

    You are incredibly talented! these are amazing! SPX make up is something I've always wanted to get into but all the products used overwhelms me hahaha! These photos are amazing! Very talented!