Hello! I’m Samm, the girl behind SColvinBeauty.

Welcome to my blog, aka the place I use to ramble on about the obsessive amount of makeup I seem to buy. I’m a 21 year old makeup artist from Kent in the UK with a love for glitter, handbags, traveling, Halle (our little pom), salted caramel, Niall Horan, striped tops and all things pink or fluffy. If I’m not busy rambling on about makeup on my blog then I’m painting faces, shopping, napping or dreaming of my next trip to New York.

I set up my blog back in 2012 (how has it been that long already?!) as a place for me to use as an online beauty journal during my final year of high school. I was a bit lost as to what I wanted to do, I’ve always been a creative person from a young age with scrapbooks full of doodles, journals talking about my favourite fashion trends and writing diaries that are brilliant to look back at and cringe! I knew I wanted to do something fun, creative and colourful and that’s when I turned to makeup. I love makeup, I love doing peoples makeup, creating looks that I share over on Instagram and even special effects work – gimme all the faux gore.

Besides makeup I do also occasionally share posts on my life with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a condition I got diagnosed with back when I was about 12. It does play a big part of my everyday life and as annoying as it may be to have, I like to use my blog and social media to speak out about it and share my experiences as I know how hard it can be for people suffering the same or similar illnesses. I’ve got a post here back from 2015 talking about my EDS and how it affects me if you fancy a read!

So welcome to the world of SColvinBeauty – I hope you enjoy my posts!