New In: Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops

Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter DropsI’m all about the glow; my face isn’t complete without a good sprinkling of highlighter as I just find it really pulls a look together especially when paired with the power of contouring. Whilst I do love powders dearly, you just can’t go wrong with a liquid highlighter and it’s one of those products I recommend everyone owns in there makeup stash – there’s something so magical about that high sheen glow they give that has me hooked!

Liquid highlighters are such a versatile product that  have various uses and can work either under, mixed into or on top of your makeup and even your skincare products. Besides applying it to the high points of the face to bring light, I absolutely love to custom mix my base by simply adding a few drops into my foundation before applying it to help add a subtle all over glow, especially when my skins feeling a bit dry and looking a tad dull. Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops

Barry M Liquid Chrome Swatches

Left is Precious Pearl and At First Light in natural lighting, right is with flash

Although I already have a few in my collection, when I saw that Barry M had released their new budget friendly Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops I ordered them in about 3.2 seconds because ya girl obviously needs more glow in her life. There’s 5 different metallic shades to pick from so it took me a while to choose but as I prefer my highlighters to be pink toned, I went for Precious Pearl and At First Light. I really like the shade selection, there’s one for every skin tone from pink, bronze to golds as well as duo chromes.

Precious Pearl is a pink duo chrome with a white base. It’s one of the two more unique shades in the line and that’s what I love about it. It screams editorial to me and I can just imagine the looks I could create this shade.

At First Light is a cool toned almost icy pink that’s very similar to NARS Copacabana (one of my all time favourites). It’s such a classic colour and if you’re one for an intense highlight then this ones for you.

I’ve given them a good try over the past couple of weeks and it’s love, I’ll even go as far as to say these have become my favourite liquid highlighters *gasp*. If I’m wearing them alone I find the best way is to drop the product onto the back of my hand and apply it from there (something I’d say with all liquids as they can be fast drying). I like to blend them in with my Beauty Blender as that sheers them down for a more natural look.

They come in a glass bottle with a dropper style dispenser which is my favourite style as it’s so much easier to dispense the product. They’re both highly pigmented and formulated with striking pearls that reflect light without glitter so I find they look softer on the skin without the obvious chunks of glitter. Barry M is also cruelty free and these are vegan friendly which is always a bonus.

I absolutely adore these and I just can’t put them down at the moment, especially At First Light as it’s such an easy to wear shade. The Liquid Highlighter Drops are only £7.99 and they get a solid 10/10 from me!