Anastasia Beverly Hills Black Friday Eyeshadow Haul + Swatches

This post has been one that I’ve been so excited to share with you guys since the day I placed this order. You all by now probably understand my love for makeup so when I saw Anastasia Bevely Hills had 60% off single shadows on Black Friday I flew over to my laptop and placed my order as fast as I possibly could. A lot of the shades I wanted had sold out but I still managed to get my hands on all these. I added all the shades I’d actually wear into my basket and checked out so here we are now showing the damage I managed to do to my poor bank balance.

I’ve had my eyes on the ABH single shadows since they were released. I’ve got a few palettes from the brand and I really love the shadows so I was looking forward to having some single shadows to put in my custom palettes. I’d originally planned on waiting until I go to New York in April to purchase some but when I had such a big discount I just couldn’t say no so I ordered them now – on the plus that now means the money I put away for them now goes into my Sephora fund for other products, the addiction is real.

As for storing my new shadows I was just going to order a new Z Palette to keep them in as that’s what I normally use for my other single shadows, but this time I decided to try something new so I went for the large Make Up For Ever Palette. I like Z Palettes, I think they’re a great option for building your own palette but I’ve got a fair few now so I fancied switching it up. The MUFE palettes are a lot cheaper than Z Palettes and hold more shadows. So far I’m really liking it but I’ll get around to posting a comparison post at some stage!

As I live in the UK and this parcel came from America I was expecting to have to pay custom fees, well the parcel arrived and I didn’t have to pay anything on delivery like I usually do and I thought I’d escaped it. Nope, I was so wrong. About a week after I got a letter from FedEx saying I have to pay £32 which breaks my heart handing over that much money for bloody custom fees. I’ve spoken to a few bloggers on Twitter and it seems we’ve all received these letters, but as annoying as it is I’ve still saved a lot compared to buying them full price.

As for the shadows, the first row are just the basic nudes that looking at now I could say I probably didn’t need all 4 but I’m weak and it happened. I would also like to point out that there is actually swatches on my arm, I’m just that pale that they hardly show. All the swatches shown on my arm are just one swipe of the shadow any without any primer or base underneath.

Bling – A pink toned ivory with a subtle silver shimmer. It’s really pigmented and the shimmer is so beautiful.

Lace – A soft yellow toned ivory with silver shimmer. This shade was more on chalky side and didn’t have as much pigment as the others. It’s a nice shade but going back I probably would have skipped this.

Cream – A matte nude beige with a slight peach undertone. This shadow is one of my favourites, the formula is so soft that it almost feels like cream shadow, I can see where it gets it’s name from!

Fresh – A nude thats very similar to Cream but with a pink undertone. I absolutely love this colour for setting my eyeshadow primer, my skin is more on the pink side so this works perfectly for it.

Gem – A satin peach brown with a hint of gold, the moment I saw this colour I knew it was love.

Party Dress – A peach based brown with gold glitter, the gold is more on the visible side compared to the shimmers but it looks so pretty on the lid.

Belize – A frosted medium brown with slight rose gold feel to it.

Brownie – A warn bronze toned brown with a really pretty almost khaki undertone.

Chocolate Crumble – A warm taupe with a strong metallic finish.

Chiffon – A metallic olive brown which is similar to Brownie but more on the olive side.

Fudge – A warm toned matte brown. This is one of my all time favourite colours as I’ve got it in the Shadow Couture Palette, I’m glad to finally have it in a single shadow to pop in my custom palettes.

Intense Gaze – A warm bronze pink with a satin finish.

Labyrinth – A warm metallic purple based plum with a reddish undertone. If you look closely you can see a subtle reflective blue/purple sheen to it. It’s one of my favourites!

Plum Smoke – A muted warm plum brown with a hint of rose to it. It wasn’t as pigmented as some of the other shades so this is probably one I could have skipped.

Aubergine – A warm dark plum with a strong purple sparkle to it.

Not Today – A dark plum with a silver almost pearl like shimmer to it, it’s so beautiful!

Pose – A deep purple brown with a silver shimmer.

Peacock – A deep metallic green, I can’t wait to create a Christmassy makeup look with this.

Midnight – A shimmery blue based black with silver shimmer (I feel like I’ve said that term way too many time now). It looks incredible worn over a black base, the blue really pops.

Baby Cakes – A matte pastel pink


Electro – A purple with a strong blue reflective sheen. It’s very similar to MAC Stars N Rockets.

Aqua – A  seafoam blue with a subtle sheen to it. I don’t tend to go for this type of colour but it’s one I can’t wait to try.


Opaline – A duochrome plum violet, this is a typical Samm type of shade.

So those are all the colours I picked up, I can’t wait to create looks with them all! Did you pick up anything over the Black Friday weekend? I’m waiting for my Melt Cosmetics order to arrive and I can’t freakin wait, I’ve been wanting to try their eyeshadows stacks for ages!

Samm xo

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